Windows shut down - restart attempt fails [Solved/Closed]

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Desperate need of help! My laptop froze and I had to manually shut it off to restart it. When it restarted it came up with the black screen/white letters that reads:

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully...etc..."

And it gave me options as to continue in "Safe Mode" and to continue normally...I've tried each of the options and each one results in a blue screen that flashes really quickly with white words but my computer shuts off automatically, not giving me time to read any of it. It restarts on its own and does the same thing. I've tried not selecting anything and letting it "start windows" in its own "in 30 seconds". And still it goes to the blue screen.

So I grabbed my camera and recorded it so I could pause and read it. What I see is that:

"A problem has occurred and Windows has been shut down to protect damage to your [somethingorother]."

And then it says that it could be because of hardware/software that's been unproperly downloaded or something and to make sure that it's downloaded correctly. But I can't get on the computer to do that! (Keeps shutting off after that.) Is this fixable? I can say goodbye to the computer - but I can't say goodbye to the files!!! Are they rescuable to put onto another computer somehow if it can't be fixed? Please help.

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i have the same problem.

i get these.

1) Safe Mode
2) Safe Mode with Network
3) Safe Mode with Command prompt

start windows with last known working settings ( or something like that ) and start normaly

any option I try just freezes it or just restarts and take me back to the same screen.
This problem seems to have lots of causes and solutions (for some).

It can be hardware failure (something badly plugged inside), corruptions
of windows files (like a windows update that installed while an antivirus
was on, or you installed something that doesn't exactly fit your program
version, and what else), a memory problem (something try to open and
it eats too much ram, or the disc is ultra full). a virus, a had drive that somehow
"double-partitioned" (kind of like a digital tectonic plates tragedy),
a bizarre Bios boot error (?), etc...

The safest way to save your files before you do anything else,
is to buy a new hard drive, install windows, and then plug your
broken one as a SLAVE (you will need to move the plastic bit
behind accordingly...go to the hard drive company website
to know which position for them means it's a SLAVE). Never
do any of all this with your computer wired with electricity.
Just unplug it.

There is no reasons to cry a river that you lost all your
files until your computer says that it can't read your
old drive as a SLAVE, and even then, they are
applications to search broken drives.

So, copy all that you can, just to be safe.


Noting the numbers after you press F8 and chose "Unable Restart" might help a technician to know exactly what is occcuring.

Try this if you have the original Windows CD with you:

The DHkDSK trick helped a lot of people

You can also download a boot disk version on Microsoft which
will require 6 old diskets, and try a method of deleting the anti-virus.

People talked about this here:

Danielle said this earlier about fixing a memory problem:

"i downloaded the microsoft memory diagnostic tool (from with another computer onto a cd. on my problem laptop I changed the BIOS setting to read the DVD first, then floppy, then hard drive, so I could boot from the cd. (to change the BIOS setting after you turn the computer on keep tapping F8 to get to the BIOS menu, go to boot, then prioritize, depending on your system. thats how I changed it in mine). ok, so once the setting was changed to read the DVD drive first, I shut the computer down, inserted the CD with the tool program in the DVD drive, and restarted it. after it did its thing for a few it went right into running the memory checks. unfortunately, that seems to be the propblem with my computer (all the tests failed) but once all six packets were completed, I exited from the test (it will continue to run until you exit it) and surprizingly it finally brought my to my log in screen."

Alright? They are tricks to be done with this problem. Sometimes it's a serious problem,
and the drive needs total re-formatting. I know it's annoying to open the computer and
install drives, but it can be done, so save everything to a new drive before reformatting.
Just run diagnostics and then when on amin run Vaio Recovery Centre and then recover everythin since the manufacrutred state this MIGHT work and I will try it out myself soon as the diagnostic tests are finito.
hi ppl,
im having the same problem with my comp....the blue screen of death.
actually it all started when once I shut down my comp frm the main power bcoz of which my harddrive was short circuited and I had to buy a new one. the new one worked just fine until a few weeks back,when the blue screen appeared out of nowhere and said that the comp had ro shut down to protect my files and that I shud uninstall any new hardware or software on my showed some error like virtual memory low kx007 <im not sure of the code>
after that on restarting it worked just fine. this blue screen appeared several times frm then onwards and just yesterday while surfin the net it appeared again. but this tym my pc is not starting at all.on starting it takes me to the page " windows was shut down......... start frm following methods--safe mode,gud config etc etc. but I tried them all it doesnt start and the window appears again and again.

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help its killing me...... I have loads and loads of data on it which I dont wanna lose.
save me frm this screen of death.
i have windows xp
hello my name is Melissa,

and I am having the same problems as you but the best way people say to fix it is rebooting your computer I have rebooted mine 3 times and the blue screen still pops up but now it stopped so try rebooting
Sometimes in some cases that works windows repairs itself on re-boot after seeing (BsoD )
there was times I completely removed OP and & re-installed OP-- a few hrs later BsoD pops up again.
I'm sure you know Bsod Is a Early warning sign and the blue is considered a relaxing color to look at when it occurs.. alot of times people serf porn sites and watch free vids here is where you get to meet the boot-sector virus it connects itself to a much needed registry system root file and renames it causing your puter to crash on program start -ups .....if you dont have access to a OP because of boot up back up on system try F12 or F9 system restore dont take it to far back not necessary restore to last known check point if that doesn't work call me I have the best rates
your software have been effected.threfore if you get a blue screen you don't have any but only to format your pc..don;t worry you can ask the the shop to save your in your c drive to d drive...after format only c dive will be deleted not d drive
dual boot your computer with linux ubuntu. You can then save any data from your windows install after login to the linux partition
where data stored when computer shut down suddenly ?
i had the exact same thing happen to my asus netbook at the beginning of may - and I thought it was weird that it happened right after a windows update. called up my geek squad friend, and he said some stuff about a certain windows update causing issues, but I didnt really get what he said. but to fix my drive, he unplugged it from my netbook and hooked it up into his own desktop tower and got it running (though I dont know if it took any special work), copied all my files out for me onto one of my externals, and then formatted the drive and reinstalled windows for me. it was TOTALLY fine after that. (well, except for having to re-do all my passwords for email accounts, shopping sites and such cause I had everything set to "remember my password for this site" hehe. THAT was a pain). so if youve got a friend with a little savvy and a copy of windows, have him do that.

You all watched too much pornography, that's what causes this. I swear, it's a virus

You all watched too much pornography, that's what causes this. I swear, it's a virus!!
I had the same problem, it's a virus !! I do not watch porn by the way but my daughter was on a games website before it happened and clicked 'yes' to something that popped up on the screen, all without my knowledge. When I shut down my computer everything was fine but when I turned it on the next day I got the 'blue screen of death' game over so to speak.
I lost everything on my PC, I had to do a fresh install of Windows. remember to change your BIOS so that your DVD drive boots up first otherwise you can't do the install.
I think it's to do with the latest Windows update this happened to mine - you need to run system restore and should be OK then
How to data corrupt hard disks improperly shutdown pc
My system is reboot when windows is startup.