Windows shut down - restart attempt fails [Solved/Closed]

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Saturday May 3, 2008
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May 4, 2008
 surgam -
Desperate need of help! My laptop froze and I had to manually shut it off to restart it. When it restarted it came up with the black screen/white letters that reads:

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully...etc..."

And it gave me options as to continue in "Safe Mode" and to continue normally...I've tried each of the options and each one results in a blue screen that flashes really quickly with white words but my computer shuts off automatically, not giving me time to read any of it. It restarts on its own and does the same thing. I've tried not selecting anything and letting it "start windows" in its own "in 30 seconds". And still it goes to the blue screen.

So I grabbed my camera and recorded it so I could pause and read it. What I see is that:

"A problem has occurred and Windows has been shut down to protect damage to your [somethingorother]."

And then it says that it could be because of hardware/software that's been unproperly downloaded or something and to make sure that it's downloaded correctly. But I can't get on the computer to do that! (Keeps shutting off after that.) Is this fixable? I can say goodbye to the computer - but I can't say goodbye to the files!!! Are they rescuable to put onto another computer somehow if it can't be fixed? Please help.

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Tuesday July 8, 2008
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July 13, 2008

Last night I booted up my pc which I hadn't used for a fair few days, upon loading I wasn't able to access the start menu on windows as it would simply play a "dum" sound however msn and all the other programs loaded in the background but I was only able to access msn. I restarted my pc as you would because I couldn't shut down through windows and what happens? I get the "A problem has occured.." and with whichever option I choose - safe mode, windows etc. I get the blue screen of death flashing, I can't even read it because within a fraction of a second it reboots! I can't get into bios because when I do get in, whichever option I choose it freezes on and reboots! I really don't want to loose any of my files because there's hundreds of pounds worth of downloaded music and software on it which I cannot back up as I can't access it!

If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please help! I heard it could be a virus but wouldn't McAfee have detected that?
video tape it and pause it befor it gos of pause it and read it
My system is reboot when windows is startup.
Hi, just wondered if you managed to fix this prob and if so what the prob was. My laptop has done exactly the same this morn! Grateful for any help
Ali x
I will try this today as I brought my laptop with me to work to try and get someone to help me with it!
Will let you know how I go ...
please help me that my pc automatic shutdown when I running the program.
after 30 minute, the pc shut down and cant open again.

please help me
sounds like a heat issue somewhere on motherboard
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Tuesday July 8, 2008
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July 13, 2008

fixed mine.
run your pc but boot from the windows disk
fix boot
fix master book record
and chk disk

should workm did for mine

When I insert the windows disk it doesn't read it, did this happen to you?
hey all,

im having the same problem.. im at work right now and dont have my laptop with me soo I will try these idea's later.. I dont have a window's disk soo I hope it all works.. my laptops only a year old.. got it right before I deployed to iraq and now within 10 days of bing in iraq my laptop dont work =( well thanks for the help all and I wish you all luck to repair you computers
i had the exact problem a year ago and im having it again right now. bluescreen and auto restart.
its so depressing. when I had it the first time, I sent it to the service centre bcoz my laptop was still under the warranty. and the problem was its mainboard. they changed it and my laptop went normal again. all the files in the laptop were still there. and now im having it again, and the warranty is expired already and im so dead.
problem is my computer donot service pack2 no installation
i have change first boot divice cd rom not deted
please give me solution iam hardware technicainSir
problem is my computer donot service pack2 no installation
i have change first boot divice cd rom not deted
please give me solution iam hardware technicain
i fixed mine. I sent it to a technician, and he said, blue screen is always caused by hardware failure. so he changed my hard disc, and my laptop goes normal again.
Where u able to save your files or did you lose everything?
did it cost alot 4 fixin pc
It didn't cost me a lot financially to fix, but it did cost me a lot emotionally!
Was unable to fix it. I was told that it couldn't be fixed as I had a problem with the hard drive. I then had someone else look at it and they told me that my hard drive had actually partioned itself into 2 ...
All was doomed ... I reinstalled windows xp and lost everything ....
Am trying to look on the bright side that at least the laptop still works ... I have learnt a costly lesson and will definitely be backing up more often!
plz help me someone put something useful on. am sooooooo desperate my pc was my life and now I can only cry.there must b some way to fix the prob widout clearing ur harddrive if its not a virus

please help.
ZaKpat tell me whats going on with puter <-------24/7 Tech Support

First: I would try DL a Free Anti Virus found here cut and paste --->

it possible it will catch any virus and quarantine it for you preventing further damage till you can find a tool to remove it completely...

Second: Best way to keep most info is to buy another hard-drive put OP on new hard-drive make old hard drive Slave .
Or you can backup online in a safe box at a price
ny computer starts and on screen it says off mode in 5 seconds
Im havin this same problem all option tried not solve the problem. so my laptop formatting. problem solved . so system formatting that is best.

check this website it looks like ur having same problem as me
I heard re-installing windows would be the best thing to do. It could be that one of your windows drivers wasn't working or corrupted. When you re-install windows, the driver(s) that were corrupted would be replaced with a fixed driver.
I too am having this problem, for the last 2 weeks my computer has been popping up with the blue screen and then shutting down but it has only done it a couple of times and now when it starts up my desktop will not show up and I do not see the Start toolbar at the bottom and my screen is blank and My documents is opened and thats it. I've tried Retsarting multiple times and Shutting down multiple times and nothing is working although before this happened the screen was doing this but the way I have been fixing it was by closing my laptop lid down and putting it into sleep mode. I've also tried waiting for more than 30 minutes and it does nothing. I can access the internet by going through my documents to find Internet Explorer 7 and I can also see all my computer programs and also access My Hard drive and My Computer but my desktop is just not showing up.

I have a Hp Pavillion dv6000 Laptop its about 4 months old and my Operating System is Windows Vista

Can anyone please help me Im dying for help!
Most likely Internal Problem sorry to tell ya
you still should be under warranty if you bought new try taken it back where you got it from
This happens to me all the time, I just got a new harddrive. It was fixed for £50.
About 2 weeks ago the blue screen had flashed onto my screen but didn't stay long enough for me tor read it and it had shut my laptop down. After that when I would start my computer it would work fine but then I noticed the blue screen popping up more and more often. Anyways when I would start my computer it would start normal and then All my deskptop Icons and my Start toolbar at the bottom were gone and my old Desktop wallpaper was there. But I had found a solution to this, I would just put my laptop into sleep mode and then when I went back onto my User account everything had started fine. But now lately its not allowing me to fix the problem and this problem is now the same for both User Accounts on my Laptop. Also When I start it My Documents is opened and I have no clue why but it seems more like my old desktop wallpaper is covering everything because I am connected to the internet. And I can reach all my desktop programs through my documents and I am writing this on my messed up laptop now.

Anyways I have a HP Pavillion dv6000 Laptop with Windows Vista. It has a built in Webcam (HP Webcam 1.3 MP)

Thanks Dusty