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 kuti70 - Mar 14, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Plz, I need help to fix my toshiba satallite A350. It doesn't boot at all. I tried to recover it with the factory pre-recovery media (holding down zero key while at the same time turn it on) but it won't show the warning screening. I also tried to recover it with the system backup by tapping on the F8 key and it still doesn't work, instead, it show this:

(connected if they recently had a device with this computer, for example, have a camera or portable music playback device, remove it, and restart the computer again. they turn to the system administrator or computer manufacturer if this message is still displayed.

click on * Finish * to terminate the process and the computer shut down ..

they must login to access the system recovery option. they turn to the computer administrator if they have difficulties with the registration. click on * ok * to restart the computer again.) PS: I translated it from german to english...

Hope to hear from you...

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Mar 11, 2013 at 10:10 PM
Hello To get into system restore try holding down AltGr and tap F10 while powering up And to boot from a disk you need to have your boot device enabled.
You can do this from bios
Hello, thanks for your response. I did try what you told me, I help down ALTGR and tap F10 while it was booting up and it show this screen:

window-start options for editing: microsoft windows vista

Path: \ windows \ system32 \ winload.exe

Partition: 2
HDD: 4c4ac7df

{/ Noexecute option}

So i click ENTER key aand it took me back to the booting screen and it keep restarting itself. I'm sorry it didn't work. I'll appreciate further help from you. thanks a lot..