Dell inspiron 1525 over heats & shuts down?

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I am having a problem with my Dell Inspiron 1525. It is under one year old, but I noticed that this laptop will shut down while I am using it. last night this happened again, and it seemed to be over-heating. Nothing was blocking the air vent as I was working on the kitchen counter. I noticed very hot air coming from the vent at the back. So I unpluged it and left it over-night. This morning it seemed to be working fine, but I am very concerned as this keeps on happening.

The other thing is, this was bought in the US and I am now using it in the UK which uses a different voltage, however, I am using a dell original charger/power cable, (bought from dell) which should covert the current going to the laptop.
Lastly, this computer likes to restart when I've selected to shut down.

Any ideas would be a great help. Thank you!

I have Windows Vista basic.

System Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0

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Thank you for the advice, my 1525 has been shutting down on its own almost daily for months now due to heat issues. I was just going to put up with it until I could buy a new laptop! .. However, having removed the module and taken out the heatsink assembly as given in this thread and there was a huge and I mean huge glob of dust sitting at the back of the radiator bit blocking the fan - Removed that, gave everything a good blow and reassembled it.

The fan is now no longer blaring away full blast, there's cool air coming out the back, the bottom of the laptop is now cool and doesn't fry my legs and the core temperature has reduced considerably!

Clearly it will get blocked up again and will have to go through the same rigmarole to clear it, but least its a workable workaround!

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Jun 12, 2010 at 01:57 PM
lol. I was having my legs fried too.
Had same problem-overheat-shut down. I was using an external window box fan to cool it down. I found a BIG clump pf dust. This AFTER I had blown it out with compressed air. Cleaned it and it put back together and it runs 2x cooler and 2x faster!! The post has a link to dell sevice manual for removing the heat sink

This fix worked like a charm.
My Dell Inspiron 1525 used to shut down without warning all the time.

It was still under warranty so I contacted Dell. Loads and loads of decent telephone support later (more than one call and they called me) Dell did a return to base repair, aka RTB.

They replaced my motherboard] (MTB on the repair slip) and also my cosmetically worn touchpad, even though it wasn't faulty.

The repair worked for a long time but after upgrading to Windows 7 it started shutting down without warning again. I did install a utility from which showed that my CPU was running at about 85°C. I know now that that is way too hot, it was also NOTHING to do with Windows 7.. that was a coincidence.

The solution is very simple, quick and free, so long as you have a decent SMALL jewellers type, phillips, cross head, screwdriver. You need to undo the biggest unscrewable (8 screws) bit on the underneath of your Dell, then undo the cooling system (this wasn't obvious at all to a novice) which has a big copper strip down the middle. There are five screws. This whole copper laden bit then lifts out (the screws won't come out fully, they are safely locked). With this whole cooling part is a "radiator" in the corner of the copper bit. You will probably find that this is caked with fine fluff/dust when you lift it out. Now you will know why the cooling system isn't working. I used a vacuum cleaner attachment to suck the crap out of it. Reverse the procedure and you have probably saved a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of money and have your Inspiron returned to new performance.

Best of all is a website which says this much more succinctly than me and has pictures too....

Mt thanks to that website!

The return was excellent, a courier turned up by appointment. They knew that I mustn't return anything other than the Laptop itself and make sure no CD/DVD was in the drive and they had a custom design padded box to pack it in. Nothing other than a signature required. IMHO Dell "do" support very well.
We had this problem and the following fixed it:

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hey guys I may have a solution for you guys wit the over heatin . what I did to mine was put a liqiud coolin fan on mine and that solved my problems a lil it of work but it was well worth it for me

Its a great solution for current problem. Just do whatever we can seen in diagrams shown in given link....
do not buy dell laptop.
A lot of the time, the dust you can blow out with a can of air is limited. Dust tends to cake on to the intake side of the heat sink assembly and become matted, like dryer lint, especially if the laptop is used in around smokers, where it becomes tarry and sticky.

Most Dells have a plate you can remove from the bottom to unscrew and pull the heat sink assembly, but not all of them. If the plate isn't there, full dis assembly is the only solution.
I have the same computer and my fan makes clicking sounds now (also a year old and a month so just out of waranty) when the compter does long intensive tasks it shuts down. Have your fan and heat sink checked out
Dell Inspiron 1525 have a design fault.
Over time (ie about 1 year) the dust builds up on the cooling fins next to the fan and gets to a size where the fan pulls it into it path. The fan then becomes blocked by this ball of fluff.
The only way to remove this is to remove the motherboard and then take the fan out and clean it. Not an easy job but doable as Dell do provide Service Manual online.
Bottom line is don't buy Dell Inspiron 1525 unless you can take it apart every now and then....
hey my, name is Jessica and I am having the exact same problem as you are with my laptop shutting down and over heating I was told to open up my laptop and clean up my fan. maybe you should try it 2 it just might work p.s. tell me if it
my computer getting shut down when I m working and also over heated again and again
Dear All,

I had purchased a Dell Inspiron 14 Laptop a week ago and the laptop has many problems

- Over heat and cannot hold it due to heat , you have to work like a desktop
- System shutdown automatically when you install any applications.
- Not recommended if you plan to use it for dual booting option and if you also have an idea of using Xp and Windows 2003 for any requirement.
- You have to work only on Windows 7.

While complaining to customer care, they agree that this laptop generates huge heat and give reason that it carries an i3 processor

Also they request us to not use on Laps and bed and use it only on the flat surface.

I questioned them ,then I never need a laptop , Desktop would be a better option, but no answer for that.

My request to you is dont choose this product . According to me you can buy it only when you want to use it as a desktop rather Laptop.

-Purchased Dell Inspiron 14 Laptop 2 days back.

- Dell Laptop is the worst laptop that I have , Suggest everyone to not choose Dell.

- It generates huge heat and shut down automatically.

-Dell is Hell... Request all to go for a different brand instead Dell.

- My 37 thousand was completely wasted by investing in Dell Inspiron 14.

- Just looking at the configuration and brand name I invested my hard working money.

- Dell should not cheat public by giving worst products.
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Jun 13, 2010 at 06:41 AM

just go through below site and follow instruction and heating problem will be solved


Basically my recommendation is don't buy an inspiron if you already own one then I'm sorry but I feel your pain. I own an inspiron e1505 barely got all my music and pictures on it before a dell technition was replacing everything but the monitor. Now a year later no warranty and I'm having all the same problems with it both of the cooling fans in it quit working the battery wont charge the hard drive is shot if I bump the computer the whole thing just shuts off and the worse part about it is when I try to turn it on most of the time it starts up then acts like it shuts off except the power light and bluetooth lights stay on I always took real good care of it and kept all the fans and vents clear of dust. I havent had this computer even 2 years and im already looking into a new laptop. On the other hand a freind of mine has one of the xps laptops and it runs great never gives him any problems outside of running vista. But my outlook on it is buying a dell is taking a gamble you could win but when I tried in atlantic city that didnt work out to well for me either.