Dell inspiron 1525 over heats & shuts down?

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 james -

I am having a problem with my Dell Inspiron 1525. It is under one year old, but I noticed that this laptop will shut down while I am using it. last night this happened again, and it seemed to be over-heating. Nothing was blocking the air vent as I was working on the kitchen counter. I noticed very hot air coming from the vent at the back. So I unpluged it and left it over-night. This morning it seemed to be working fine, but I am very concerned as this keeps on happening.

The other thing is, this was bought in the US and I am now using it in the UK which uses a different voltage, however, I am using a dell original charger/power cable, (bought from dell) which should covert the current going to the laptop.
Lastly, this computer likes to restart when I've selected to shut down.

Any ideas would be a great help. Thank you!

I have Windows Vista basic.

System Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0

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I had the same problem, but after removing dust from the inside it works just fine. Although the fan was working it prevented cooling. I recommend trying that first, there's a manual at the dell-page how to open it, and it really needs just a screwdriver...

here's how to do it:
Thank you

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it was really clogged up, and now I hope it works.

The best temperature control method for your PC
Thank you so much!! I've been dealing with my computer overheating forever; I thought I would have to replace my fan, but I opened it up and there was a huge piece of lint/dust in there and now it's working fine (knock on wood) and hope it stays that way!
Thanks a lot... Cleaning the dust after removing the thermal cooling pad, helped me to fix the most irritating of all pc probs :P ....... It works great... :)
Thanks Buddy... My laptop Says.. Phewwwwwwww
He is breathing normally, Thanks Doctor!!
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Hello there,

If you need a way to solve this:


Dell is selling Laptops that overheat easily but it takes about a year (warranty time) to do so. Then while overheating, regardless of solution, whether deal with it, external fan or clean out dust, the hard drive starts to melt and before you know it, BANG, Dell has a returning customer.

This is disgusting business. Is US people sued for this exact issue. Why are we spending money on a product that is guaranteed to die within 2 years? What sort of garbage is that? The funny thing is, I don't think dell is the only company doing this. Make sure you get an extended warranty that covers this sort of thing and of course, BACK UP YOUR STUFF!!!

I've had the same problem with my Inspiron 1525 as well. Of course when I bought it, the hardrive died 3 times within only a few months apart from the purchase date then the heat sink went. Five months later, the heat sink is causing my laptop to overheat yet again. It's a shame Dell refuses to stand behind their product and admit it's a defect. At least the customers living in California get to make them pay with a nice class action lawsuit. Maybe Dell will wake up one day. Lesson is don't buy a Dell.
better to dont buy dell laptops.......... itz waste of money
its uber common that your fan gets dirty, I have had an ispirion for about 5 years, no problem. You just have to clean the fan and it will work beautyfully. On the other hand when your computer gets to hot the system protects the computer shutting it down. So in my point of view its a very good buy (compared to an HP that doesnt shuts down and really kills your comp)

Don't spew lies about HP. I'm working on an HP right now that shuts down when it gets too hot.

my sentiments actually. My daughter has a windows vista dell laptop and has only had it for two years. It overheats and shuts off too. the hard drive is slowly but surely dying because of the overheating so I guess its safe to say that they make sure that you have to keep spending your money because our warranty is up and it costs $285 to get another year added to the warranty. You even have to pay for technical support to find out what's wrong with it. They ask you about the symptoms and then they tell you they cant continue helping unless you have a credit card. They charge like $3.45 a minute for tech support so you better be a fast talker.
I'd be intrigued to find out the answer to this as well, as mine does exactly the same thing! Has done it 3 times today whilst working on a study desk, nothing is blocking the fan whatsoever. Air by it is hot and underneath is hot, but why is it overheating?
> zhead
Im having the exact same problem. My dell inspiron 1525 will just keep shutting off at random times and its getting quite frustrating. Im using a regular power outlet for this computer and I make sure that the vent isn't covered but nothing seems to work. My computer also will restart when I tell it to shut down but that might just be a problem with windows vista
> zhead
my laptop is 10 months old. my inspiron lap top is getting over heat and my hands also getting sweet becos of the heat wat to do plz help me
What the mayo burgers brand-new charger and poof! it stops working along with my laptop pc randomly turning off....Its a INSPIRON | 1501
Obviously I had the same problem with my Inspiron 1525, it was shutting down on the most random occasions (hot or not, while I was working or while it was idle and so on...). Now I think it is fine because I have tested it (even left it on the couch running for one night) and it doesn't shut down like that anymore. What I did is that first I updated my version of BIOS, it seems they had developed this update especially to prevent crashes, blue screens and computer freezing. I also checked the error log (hit Start and type "Problem Reports and Solutions" in the search box), clicked on "See problems to check" and then checked for solutions for all Windows errors to see why my system was crashing. In my case it was the ethernet controller so I went and got the latest update on that one too. So updates for BIOS and the ethernet controller worked in my case...(so far!) I hope this helps
> tetisheri
my daughter has a Inspiron 1525, just 15mths old and it will not boot or if it does then within minutes it crashes with bluescreen of death, id like to try the bios option you recommend, but if its unstable, what the best way of updating the bios and what version should I use??

Awesome... my Inspiron 1525 was turning off every time I went to process anything intensive for a minute or two... once it hit 85 degrees C, the computer shut down. Now after reading these posts, I thought I might have some dust in the radiator... I hit the Dell website instruction page ( and in less than 5 minutes was rendering hi-def video in Adobe Premiere Pro and maxing out at 70C... amazing. Bottom line: Just a little bit of dust in the radiator blocks a tremendous amount of air flow, and will cost you valuable cooling ability.
if your laptop is shutting down at random times, then replace: CPU, and CPU Heatsink. Make sure there is thermal grease between the cpu and heatsink.
Also check the fan, and make sure it is spinning. Checkout a program call Speedfan, I think there on version 4.38, you can have it adjust your fan speeds, and it works well.
Like many of you I have had a hot Inspiron 1525 with the fan constantly on and the laptop getting very hot.

After reading these messages I opened up the bottom of the base, endid the 5 heat sink/radiator screws and lifted out the assembly. Easy.

Unfortunately there was hardly any dust in the radiator part. I was about to reassemble it when I noticed what looked like a flat 'screen' where the fan blows onto the radiator. I though I should clean that too....

I wasn't a screen, it was a plug of compressed dust from 5mm to 20mm wide! THAT's where you have to look!!

I now runs VERY cool with hardly any sound from the fan :-)

Cheers everyone.

My inspiron 1525 also used to automatically shut down without a warning or so. I opened up the back and I was dumbstruck after seeing the layer of dirt that was blocking the heat sink. I cleaned it following the instructions at cpucool.htm#wp1179839

and now my laptop is breathing easy with no problems !!!!......hope it works for u guys too :-)

Mine is about 5 months old and it hasn't actually done that shut down thing yet but it gets INCREDIBLY hot unless it's on a flat, hard surface like a counter and now it's starting to get hot even in that situation. I hope it does break though, it'd give me an excuse to buy a much better laptop haha. DO NOT BUY AN INSPIRON 1525 ! ! !

i suppose the overheating is a major problem with 1525's from what I've noticed..but also it can be sorted because yesterday I followed Andreas instructions however I did not remove the long brown "thingymagic"...i only removed the dust from the side..however today I removed the five screws around the side of the "thingymagic" and there was a BIG dust bunny clogging up the fan.. and now I can feel a lot of more air coming up the back and the performance has increased slightly..but also another problem I have with my 1525 is that the screen is really loose and wobbly..which in all honesty is not my just never really bothered about it until my friend noticed before my warranty this May runs out I will get it quickly fixed..(but it takes 7 days and so that means for 7 days I'll be without my laptop..which is inconvenient..I think they should make it like a car insurance thing where they have a replacement lol..
hey,... i'm in exactly the same situation as you... bought my inspiron 1525 from the US and now i'm studying abroad in the uk for the year (i got the laptop in august 08) and it overheats and shuts down.

Here's the thing. My previous laptop (shitty Toshiba Satellite did the same thing only worse so I had to have the fans replaced) so I knew no to use it in bed/on the couch etc. It was always on my desk. Sooo... with all this previous knowledge... I decided about 3 months ago when it last shut down that I would stick something under it, in the back, so that air could pass between it and the desk. And that seemed to work perfectly until today, when it overheated and shut down WHILE elevated on the book thing. I'm so exasperated. What does it take, or how much does it cost to get a laptop that doesn't have this problem?? At this point i'll pay anything I only got this one because I thought it was going to be loads better than my old Toshiba.

Oh and don't you think the mouse pad is a bit weird? after a while of researching a paper online, say, my finger gets kinda sore from dragging over it. This never happened before w/ my old one. Is it just me or is this odd?

Hey...well seeing as you know not to keep the fan blocked the only thing I can advise you is to follow Andreas instructions
and try to see if there is dust inside clogging the fan. Also I believe if you were to report this problem to dell and say that a numerous amount of people have had the same occurring problem they may just replace'll just have to try your luck...
and about the mouse pad issue, as far as I know my inspiron 1525 doesn't have that problem, although I googled it and a few things came up, but as I wasn't sure of your exact problem I didn't know which one to look at, so help yourself :D
My girlfriend's 1525 was having this shut down issue and was running scalding hot to the touch...opened up all compartments and dusted it out (hardly anything) until I popped off the heat-sink contraption and found the dust-bunny lair next to the fan, i'm surprised it was even spinning! (maybe it wasn't!) Anyways, after removing all dust bunnies her computer is able to run full-screen HD video while staying on for hours and is still cool to the touch. With that and a downgrade to XP, it's like a brand new computer! Thanks everyone for the info!
We took Andreas advice and it worked like a charm for us! Thanks!
It's DUST BUNNIES!!!!! I was about to buy an external fan for $60 as my laptop (aged 11 months) could fry eggs it was getting so hot! Andrea's comment was spot on! I took off the back panel and saw a HUGE dust bunny - I cleaned it with a super soft sable paintbrush - dont forget to brush the back panel before you reassemble it, I had dust on it too.

THANK YOU!!!!! Greta advice!
Well, wanna give you guys an advice that worked for me - no overheating, or at least it's working better.

In your Inspiron 1525 Bios go to Performance, HDD acoustic and choose the noisier option. I decided to test this option because someone told me that the overheating could be happening for some HD problem...changed this configuration and VOI's working... By default, this inspiron brings a configuration that is related to old hard drives...I dont think it's the case now.
lol means it cant takes the hd so y did they feature of hd in it if it cannot take it???

the same thing is happening to me..and I need my's shut down 3 times already... :(
I also have a Dell Inspiron and it always overheats and shuts down. I have had it for under a year also and the charger just recently stopped working altogether.

i suggest you follow Andreas instructions, I just did it like a minute ago and did not find much but a bit of dust clogging up "that bit" just try that..or other wise be careful not to use the laptop on your bed, couch etc... as that's how mines messed up..and also presuming your laptop is under a years old then you should still have a warranty and can order a new hardrive like I did..also yesterday I ordered a belkin laptop cooling pad..which basically cools down the laptop so it doesn't over heat and shut down like ours's a link.. , although I ordered mines from Amazon...a lot cheaper!!
Hope some of this info helps
Loonylovegood :D
I tried the fan cleaning solution and it works like a charm thanks!
m having same prob,wen my lapi was under warranty I called them (after 45 min)m able to talk wid them..they told me to diagnosis it.i hv done that and atlast der was no prob came out.but m suffering from it again and again..i like this lapi ..but next time even if I never suggest people to buy it..very bad service and poor communication
Well, I had same shutting down problem as many of you...I hurled curses at dell every single just shut down abruptly when idle, when watching videos, when doing heavy stuff, etc etc.

I checked dell diagnostics n everything showed up fine. Even the fan. I thought that hardware is ok. But then I read this blog and decided to open up my lappy. I thought why not give it a try and it actually worked. I saw a huge black dust cotton ball blocking the air outlet of the fan.

I turned on the laptop and ran a thing that always failed. It runs. I can run antivirus scan again. It is actualy cured. I cannot believe it.

This is the link posted above that helped me through. I wanted to share my experience with you all since this post helped me today a great deal.

Cheers people.
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I have had a Dell 1525 Inspiron for about 6 months now, it has had a problem overheating and shutting down and the fan does not cut in to cool it down. So I called Dell; they took it away the first time and it had a new motherboard, but still it overheated, then an engineer came to replace the motherboard and fan/heat sink assembly, still it overheated. So next time they took it back and replaced the motherboard and fan/heat sink assembly. Now it worked for maybe 2 days and then started overheating AGAIN.
What do you have to do for them to replace the laptop?????

Again, just try out the things that have been said before, and if the problem is still not solved you need to put on your angry dissatisfied customer voice and ring up Dell and tell them:
- how unhappy you are
-numerous people are having this problem
-replacing the motherboard has not solved nothing
it's very inconvenient and you're losing all your work as your not backing it(even if you are, just cheese your way around!)
I have the dell inspiron 1525, Honestly I treat it like a desktop, I have had it for a little under a year, I leave it on for days at a time, I do have a cooling pad for it, along with the everest program to check out its stats when I feel something isnt working properly. Just yesterday it shut off from overheating for the first time, I took the entire laptop apart and found a giant clump of dust stuck in the fan. Needles to say when I put it back together it worked better then before and has been on for about 18 hours straight again. Knock on wood, the dell inspiron 1525 in my mind is a tank, a tank in a plastic frame..but I have dropped mine, fried the optical drive, burnt the right rear USB's up, and completely dissected it more then once, yet it still keeps running. But my advice to keep it from shutting down from overheating...Try to take it apart and remove the fan and clean it (dust can get trapped in hard to reach spots causing resistance or failure of the fan) Or you were just unlucky enough to get one that runs hot, so check out the web for a more powerful fan.