HELP, I can't access my WD Passport 1tb external HD :(

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At first I can't eject my HD, before this it work normally, below some image and description on my situation now...:

1) I'm trying to open "Disk Management" to check my "WD Passport" status, I try to do initialize and this ( image ) what happen..

2) This is what my "Devices And Printers" show when i'm plug it in

3) I already used about 8++GB of my storage though and this what "WD Smartware" show me :(

4) My "WD Passport" status in "My Computer"

My hope >

1) Can retrieve all my data back ?
2) What is the status of my WD Passport?
3) How can I access my WD Passport back ?
4) Just what causing this?

Please I really hope someone can help me though.. you know for 8++GB data, only god know how much time I invested to get all that data, .... i'm really scared... OMG OMG

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Oct 31, 2014 at 04:53 AM
Hi there,

I would like to apologize, because I can not really see those screenshots right now. However, you have done pretty good job collecting them and explaining the case. I would try to assist you without actually seeing them.
First of all, I recommend you to download the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic and scan your My Passport. I leave you a link below. Use the command prompt and type the Chkdsk/r command, which may recover some readable information. I leave you more details about the Chkdsk command. Try the device on another PC and with another USB cable. Reinstall the drivers from Device Manager, restart the PC and plug in the device. Let OS reinstall them. If you initialize the HDD, all the data will be erased.
Frankly, there could be many reasons for this I/O error. It could be OS related, cable issue or HDD issue.
If what I suggested does not help you, try accessing the drive on another OS. I recommend you Linux Live CD. You may get enough access to copy your files. After that, if you have warranty left, contact the reseller and get a replacement. - Chkdsk command - Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows. - Check this topic

Hope this helps