Cannot open any program

Apoorv - Mar 16, 2009 at 02:44 AM
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I have been having this problem from 3-4 days.I am unable to run any program except vlc player and mozilla 3.0.7. All the shortcuts have been converted to lnk files.Even IE-8 has crashed. I cannot even run a virus scan as no program is working. I cant open command or cmd from run. Actually from nothing is opening from Run, a dialog opens saying windows cannot open this file and asks for web help which it does not take or to choose program from a list for every program I try to run. Not even Regedit is opening. I cannot even play a dvd. That day I was browsing a torrent site of which I dont remember the name. My kaspersky antivirus warned me of a trojan and I blocked it, but I think it was installed from there only. Please help. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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I had this same problem and this fixed it. I don't know much but I know it helped me. At least try it. I spent hours trying to fix it and then found this. The stupid "choose program" box came up a million times.

Try this it worked for me. I hope it helps...