Wifi connected but no internet access

 Jera -
Since yesterday the wifi internet was not getting connected in the laptop. The wifi is getting connected in my mobile. I have checked the proxy settings and I have uninstalled the anti virus. Can some one please help me to solve the problem?

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OK, windows 7 has a little bug....you must configure a network location like home, public or work. It does not always prompt you to set one once you connect to a network. Go into your network setting, and click on the "internet " icon in the middle of the connections. Set it to a place and try to browse.
This has solved a problem I have had for days!

Are you using a proxy server? What O/S are you using?
Windows 7. There is no proxy server configured
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You should contact with your internet provider for one time.
I did Jamie and was told by India that it would cost £129 to call an engineer out. So go to a local electrician and it wud only cost about £10!!! Words failed me .Syl