Mac keyBoard key B does not work

CiCi - Mar 23, 2009 at 10:26 PM
 sam - Jan 11, 2015 at 09:09 AM

I have a MAC and ANY keyBoard that I attach to it, the keystroke B (lower case) does not work. What recommendations do you have?

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Go to your system preferences and select speech, then text to speech at the top. Uncheck "Speak selected text". That should solve your problem.
Had same problem with upper Z. Solution worked great
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Feb 1, 2010 at 05:57 PM
I had the same Z problem. I even bought a the new Apple keyboard. Oh well.
I had same problem working on our website but now it is solved.

Thank you
0 problem was the letter o on my wireless keyboard for iMac 24".
Thanks had problem for over a year it was the q key imac 20 in as you can see it now works, Thanks.
OMG digging deep in an apple discussion, I found the solution! In the SPEECH control panel, somehow the key shortcut got set to my letter j! So if you are having the issue of a lower case letter not working no matter which keyboard you try, then this may be it! I already tried resetting all the keyboard defaults, resetting the preference file, everything.

So good luck. Hope this helps someone else!
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Check in your control panel and make all changes back to default :S
I had similar problem except would not type capital letter "A" when you hit shift+A. My kids were playing with my laptop and had been playing with Speech function. System Preferences>System>Speech> Text to Speech; de-selected "Speak selected text when the key is pressed". Works fine now.
Worked for me too.... Thanks!

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Bobtrons Solution worked great for me! My lowercase k wasnt working but my uppercase K was. Now they both work! :)
Hello all, I have _he same prob wih my le__er _, I have _he Leopard OX sys_em, _ried _o fix i_ _he way you said bu_ I _hink I am doing some_hing wrong, please explain _he s_eps again, mine is no_ working nor Upper cases nor lower casses and i_ happened suddenly!!!

_hanks a lo guys!! I am very frus_ra_ed down here!! :(
Same here!!!!!! My letter "t" doesnt work in lower case except right now im using a different keyboard.
sometimes my t and y keys wont work also..... what I do is unplug the keyboard and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in..

or beat on it very violently (does not work,lol)
I cannot capitalize the letter "t" on my keyboard. I have gone into speech, but in my case the box is not checked and has never been checked. So, I'm left with the same problem. Any ideas? It's only the t.
Had the same problem with my "R", together with cmd+v (very annoying). Did exactly the same as suggested by :3, and now it's working fine.
I had the same trouble with my capital Z. I used the system preferences solution (speech) and unchecked the box as indicated and now it's working fine. Saved me a trip to the store where I bought it!
In response to simba's message, it works perfect! if your lower case keys arn't working and just the capital ones are, follow the instructions they have left and it should correct this! many thanks! If this fails to work perhaps try creating a new user account, open something that allows you to type text and hit the key that doesnt work, hopefully if this works then it will narrow down your search in respect to whether your keyboard button is working or not. Best

ps thanks
I had the same problem, but when I went to Speech, the box wasn't checked


Here's what worked - created a new user account and the keyboard worked fine
Thanks for the tip...I can now use my cap "S" again which was not working when I used shift and then s.The default for speech is shift-s. Actually bought a new keyboard thinking it was broken...anyone need a keyboard?
sa_e here! all l 7 letters at the _otto_ are dow_
What the hell, I still don't believe that this was cured my problem too. My keystroke "d" is not working, originally, I think there is physical problem on the keyboard and is planned to buy a new one. However, this advise just cured that "D" keystroke.

What the hell apple!!!
I have the same problem only with my J button (again lower case only). I have switched keyboards and reset my controls to default, but still nothing. Any thoughts?
Did you get an answer to your probem? My ower case L won't work but upper case wiLL. OnLy probLem on the keyboard....
Did you ever find a solution to your lower case j not working? We are having the same problem. I have reset every keyboard setting I can find. It acts like it is doing some sort of modifier, because sometimes the EDIT menu flashes at the top when you hit it.

Let me know if you have found out anything.
I am Having tHe same problem witH my H's. THey only work in upper case. SO ANNOYING!!!!!
I can't type Us normally. Or Js. It types more characters. WHY??!?!
I have the sAme problem with letter "A" it does not work in lower cAse, if Anyone hAve found the solution it will be of grAte help.