Insert a tilde sign: on Mac, Windows

Insert a tilde sign: on Mac, Windows

There are a number of unique symbols that don't have a dedicated key on a keyboard, in this article we will focus on the tilde (~) sign, and show you how to insert the tilde on both Mac and Windows keyboards.

How to enter a tilde on Windows keyboards?

The keyboard shortcut for the Tilde symbol on a Windows keyboard is:  Shift + `.

How to enter tilde on Mac?

On a Mac, press:  Shift + `~  

Note the `~ is one key which has both symbols on it. 

What are the alternative methods?

  • Otherwise, you can just copy and paste the tilde symbol here ~.
  • Also there is another shortcut on Windows: you can press the alt key and type the alt code of 126 on the numeric keypad. 
  • Alternatively, you can insert a tilde via the Character Map on Windows. To do so, click on Start and type Character Map in the Search tab. Click on it to open and select Advanced view to expand the dialog box. Type Low Line and then copy and paste the tilde sign into your document.
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