Desktop and taskbar keeps disappearing

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im new here so any help would be appreciated. Since last night by desktop and taskbar keeps disappearing, ive read many forums on the net regarding this and still found no solution, its Vista, on a Fujitsu Siemens laptop. I read first that reinstalling your web browser would help (the problem only came when online) but that didnt help and now its happening when I click into folders.
Norton revealed nothing, ive used task manager to bring it back up and its fine until I enter a folder. I also read that something downloaded could be to blame, so find out what folder it does it in then delete what is making it do it, but now its happening with every folder.

Any other suggestions would be brilliant, im not amazing with computers but know a little....any ideas please please please????????


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I had the problem of constantly disappearing and reappearing icons and taskbar. Explorer.exe kept crashing according to the eventview. after reading many forums a tried a program called "SUPERAntiSpyware". Turned out I had a
Trojan called Vundo. Funny thing is I tried Ad-aware before, which in fact discovered something other than just cookies but appearently didn't clean my PC completly. SUPERAntiSpyware is the way to go
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hey thanx for suggesting anti-spyware.It completely worked.It removed all the malicious spyware from my pc.Thank you so much........
Dude this worked for me too. I had the same problem and a complete scan and deletion of the trojans cleaned my PC and problem.

Thank you very much.
Thank you so much that superantispyware it worked but now I have to work on a school essay since I fixed the problem but thanx man
You are a lifesaver (or computer saver)! I ran the SUPERAntiSpyware and it found several Trojans, variants of the Vundo as well as other malware. Got rid of them all and problem disappeared. Thanks so much.
I had the same disappearing Desktop icons and folders that drove me crazy over several hours. Finally it wasn't a trojan or spyware. Below Microsoft XP support article solved my problem. (mine occured after a graphics card update, program uninstalls and a registery clean-tweak)

Your Desktop Icons Are Missing in Windows XP

Article ID: 330170 - Last Review: February 1, 2007 - Revision: 1.4


All the icons may be missing from your desktop. However, if you open your Desktop folder in Windows Explorer, you can see your desktop icons in that window.


This behavior occurs if the Show Desktop Icons feature is turned off.

If you upgrade a previous version of Windows to Windows XP, and Show Desktop Icons was turned off in the previous Windows version, this setting is maintained, and user icons appear to be missing from the desktop. The Show Desktop Icons setting is ignored in previous versions of Windows if Active Desktop is turned off. In Windows XP, Active Desktop is always turned on and cannot be disabled.


To resolve this behavior, SIMPLY turn on the Show Desktop Icons feature:

1. Right-click the desktop.
2. Point to Arrange Icons By.
3. Click Show Desktop Icons.