Won't save passwords / usernames

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Thursday July 18, 2013
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Computer won't save passwords / usernames, even when I ask it to and I have went into tools and everything was set as suppose to.
System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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To manage saved network passwords on Windows :
  • Go to Start Menu / Run / Type
    rundll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr
  • You can also use :
    Control Userpasswords2
  • Click the Advanced tab and then click Manage Passwords.

To manage saved passwords on Internet Explorer :

To manage saved passwords on Firefox : Tools/Options/Privacy, check Accept Cookies, open Exceptions, type in site name click Allow.

To manage saved password on Chrome :
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For Firefox try: Tools/Options/Privacy, check Accept Cookies, open Exceptions, type in site name click Allow.

Hope this helps

Mack The Knife
So the solution is simple,

1. Click Start > Run
2. Type: regedit and go to:

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-796845957-926492609-725345543-1003\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

Set the value AppData to a data value of %USERPROFILE%\Application Data
I tried all those things and nothing worked. Here's what did (Firefox). Go to tools, options,and then privacy. Click on settings next to the history box at the bottom. Uncheck everything you don't want cleared each time Firefox closes--I only want it to clear my cache so that's the only box I checked. Hope this helps--now when I open Hotmail I not only don't have to sign-in but it also goes straight to my Inbox. Not sure why the settings suddenly changed on me, but they did.
Another workaround if IE won't save login details for some sites is simply to add the info to the url in your bookmark:

Yeah, that's an excellent option if you don't mind your password being discoverable by anyone with access to your bookmarks!
If you are talking about Firefox.....

I had the same problem for ages.

Solution for me: TURN OFF PRIVATE BROWSING! (Tools, Options, Privacy). I did this, visited all my regular sites where I enter username and password, entered them, firefox offered to remember & I accepted. Then if you want private browsing back on you can do so and it will still remember your login details. Job done ;-)
I have windows XP and internet explorer
This is what I did and it worked llike a charm for me.
Go to Tools / Internet options / Open content tab / In Auto complete click on settings and make sure these options are enable with a check mark in the box.
Address bar ...Browsing history...Favorites....Forms and User name passwords on forms.
Hope this help
Same thing with me. It USED to save all my login credentials to my daily internet sites then one day it stopped autofilling. Now, everytime I log into my sites I have to retype my user name and password. I have full explored Internet Options, set all settings to the lowest. When I lauch my IE browser, it still makes me login liek I ahve never been there before BUT it promts me to save them and I say yes. I then close my browser and relaunch in and guess what, it still makes me login like I never was there. Im ready to scream. Please help
I just want to punch a damn hole right through my monitor. I have the EXACT same issue as you. I HATE vista so far; I wonder if the OS is the culprit?

Best of luck. I'm waiting on a solution as well...

i am having the same problme let me know with the answer trucker93@netzero.com
Me too...none of my pws are saving in FF 3.0.11 on my Vista laptop. It is sooo annoying. Neverhad this problem until the past few weeks. My PC uses XP and it's fine. grrrr.
Hi guys,
add me to the list. I have a Mac running XP under Parallels virtual machine and it started losing saved credentials approx 3 or 4 weeks ago.
I tried almost everything peeking in the system registers but came up with nothing.
Only thing I noticed is if I just LOG OUT and then log back in, it WON'T lose username/password.
It's when I REBOOT that all the saved credentials are wiped out.
A nice new virus or just a bug coming with the latest Windows update?

I'm having the exact same problem. Started a couple of months ago. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. Its very annoying and of course you can't get a human to help. I'm hoping its a glitch they will fix. SOON.
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Same problem here. Very frustrating. For me it's not just firefox or explorer.

However, I don't have Yahoo toolbar - or even Yahoo Messenger installed.

Any tips for this? I appreciate any input.
Try this fix -it worked for me.

<a href="http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2009/07/09/fix-windows-live-messenger-not-remembering-id-and-password/" >Fix Windows Live Messenger Not Remembering ID and Password</a>
Are you sure the raymond site is secure?
And does it work?
Are you sure it's not a site to steel your passwords?
Thanks This really worked for me I have been with this problem for months.
Beware that many people reported Raymond's fix as working BUT they lost all their Favourites / Bookmarks. On the same page there is a reply (number 42) where Adam gives a registry fix for the problem that has no side effects.
Yes, thanks Paul and Anon it works great. I've been looking a tip for 3-4 weeks and that is the answer. I can make a little enhancement : instead of HKU \ S-1-5-21-796845957-926492609-725345543-1003 \Software \ .... ( I don't have that GUID) select HKCU \ Software \ .... the key for current user.
Great job. Thanks again !
Looks like it works so far..Thanks
Thanks the regedit change to Application Data worked me for in Win7
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Thursday July 18, 2013
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I am glad there are smarter people out there, but why doesn't some one contact the company who is providing these programs that mess up our days and tell them to fix this problem? I am not as quick with computers, and if I could understand how to fix this problem, I would do so. I have a disability and I need to do things over and over to get it, plus I don't live on my computer and need to get this fixed. I would thank any help on the process to correct some one else s mess up.
Anon that would help a lot, but for some reason the only thing I have for RegEdit is
Which mine is different then what you posted and this is with the latest Windows Live Messenger.
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It looks as if everyone's big long number is different, so look for the appropriate registry link, use the one without "_Classes" at the end and follow the instructions from there.

Mine needed changing (so I hope this solves my problem), but another computer I just checked didn't.

Thanks for the registry solution!
The long big number is your SID 8Security Identifier, it's unique to each user.

Thank you for the post though, helped me with another plaguing issue unrelated but this is the answer!
The long big number is your SID 8Security Identifier, it's unique to each user.

Thank you for the post though, helped me with another plaguing issue unrelated but this is the answer!
> Roka
The MSN Messenger Problem is fixed.
However, the issue with Mozilla and/or IE loginNames and passwords is still here (on my computer) remains. I can not save any password and or LoginName and also can not change any presaved password... I already checked the Option, Tools etc...
Im also having this issue after installing Windows 7 in IE 8, Firefox and Outlook (i dont use MSN). How can this issue be resolved?

Sorry guys I should have added that my "long big number" (as Roka so eloquently described it) was also different than what Paul said it would be however again as Roka says it will be different for everyone. Even so it worked for me so should work for you too as long as you ignore the fact that the "long big number" will be different.

Now then......how do I find this 'Paul' person and buy him a pint as a mark of thanks!
For me %AppData% resolves to %USERPROFILE%\Application Data
And I presume that should be the way for everybody. So not sure how useful is anon's/Paul's fix.
I had the problem of system not saving by ID or password. I went to "Control Panel" and uninstalled the Yahoo Toolbar and the problem was solved.

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