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Picture under message


Dear All When I place a website link in a message, a fragment of that site appears below that message. Can I adjust that picture? Thanks! Henk

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Changing password


Hello, I changed my password for messenger because my daughter was always reading my chats on her phone. So i logged out on all devices but it did no...

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Facebook messenger media,files and links


Hello, Someone has deleted my messages on my fb messenger from a certain person and when I go onto the messages from this person its been deleted but...

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Stick search instead of emoji


Hello, I noticed, since yesterday, that whenvIm typing a test, emoji icon dissapear,  and stick search shows up. My question ... How to delete this a...

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Search conversation not working in messenger


I recently unarchived a chat on messenger, but when I type in the search conversation bar of that chat, I don't get any there any solution ...

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Missing emojis on messenger android


Hello, i cleared my data and cache on my messenger up because it was acting up, now some emojis are missing. The emojis that are missing show u...

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I am unable to send my website on messenger


Hello, I am unable to send my website on messenger, I don't know what can be the reason can someone explain me?

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Error unable to complete request


Hewllo, It’s several days that I can’t log in on messenger It gives me this message Error Unable to complete request try later.. I did uninst...

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How to add messenger icon on my new website?


Hello, How to Add Messenger Icon on my New Website? Please Help to resolve.

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Green dot next to videochat icon


Hello, Green dot next to video chat icon shows that a member is currently in a video chat?? What does it indicate?

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Facebook login issue


When I login my facebook account this maessage have received. Thank You. Unfortunately, you won't be able to access your account while we're review...

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Rocok your account has been locked


Hello, Rocok your account has been locked

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An unexpected error occurred


Hello, Dear Facebook team, Subject-an unknown error has occurred(login error) This problem so happens whenever I try to logi...

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Hidden or deleted messages


Hi, I'll get straight to the point. So my partner and her ex have been using messenger as a main communication source for years... which they have bee...

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We received your information


We Received Your Information If we still find that you're not old enough to be on Facebook, your account will remain disabled. This is because your a...

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Facebook disabled parmamently 30 dayz


Hello, Reviewing Your Information May Take Longer Than Usual Thank you for sending your information. We have received it. We have fewer people...

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Messenger missing emojis


Hello, so I reinstalled messenger, cleared data and cache, because it was acting up. Now I don't see all new unicode emojis, pic: What I see...

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Account is in review


Hello, Sir my Facebook account is in review before 5 months please sir open my account it has my important documents. Thank you sir.

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Elena Keracheva  

Facebook messenger active status disappeared


Hi, A few months ago, the active status stopped working. Every time I hit the active option it reads “No Active People” followed by “Invite People....

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i have a Messenger but i am not seeing voice note there

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How to make image appear fully in messenger?


Hi there, I’m wanting to send an image on messenger, but was wondering if there’s a way to make it appear in full for the receiver in the chat, rathe...

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Hello, podariu.gheorghe67

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Aoife McCambridge  

Facebook mesanger dark mode


Hi. Facebook messenger reveals its dark mode theme a year ago. But is still not able to activate it on my Android phone.

1 reply Last reply on 8 May 2020 by
David Webb  

How to switch accounts in messenger without password


Hello, When I switch an account on messenger, it requires me to enter a password. I would like to login without entering my password . Please advi...

1 reply Last reply on 29 Jan 2020 by
David Webb  

Retrieve archived messages on facebook


Hello, I received a message on messenger from someone I’m not friends with on FB, it was quite a nasty message that upset me, I archived the mess...

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David Webb  

Mensajes ocultos


Como oculto mis mensajes de facebook messenger?

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Can't see messages to non-friend on facebook messenger.


A non fb friend and I are messaging through fb messenger. Both of us have active status on but neither can see active or online. I’ve tried everythi...

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App crash or other?


Does anyone know how it is possible for someone to have been online for 4 days in a row? Not offline for even 1 minute in 96 hours?

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How can i change my phone number to messenger


Hello,how can I change my phone number to messenger when I have forgotten the code and want to send it to another number?i have not profile on Faceboo...

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App vs desktop


Hello all, I had a strange situation. After sending a message, Messinger app showed that the message is not delivered, but when I logged in using ...

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Why is my facebook blocked?


Hello, Why is my Facebook blocked?

1 reply Last reply on 21 Jan 2019 by
Daniel Telele  

Why is my facebook account blocked


Hello, What happened to my Facebook account? It's been blocked.

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Daniel Telele  

Delete skype


If i delete my skype will i still get facebook messenger

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Facebook account disabled


My personal account is disable please open my account to enable My id= ***@***

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Can you appear offline to some but not all contact


Is there a way on FB messanger to show yourself as inactive to one contact only?

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