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How to format my computer

Hello, sir i am suffering from a very big roblem due to attack of viruses in my computer and i want to format but problem is my CD-ROM is not workin...

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I cannot format my usb

Hello, can you help me i cannot format my usb, when i try to format in my computer it said that there is no disk in drive f, and when i check in manag...

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I tried to format my usb flash

Hello, i tried to format my 2GB usb flash now it is not recognised in my LAPTOP i also tried on other Pc but nothing. how can i rescue my data?

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Problem in formatting my external harddisk

Hello, mam/sir, i really need your help, i have this external harddisk (250GB) i format it because some of my files are corrupt i don't know why, the ...

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Cannot find partition of my hd

Hey, I was setting up a new computer recently, and while setting up the BIOS it asked if I wanted to partition the drive, which I did. So anyways I...

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Lost sound after formatting

Hello, I formatted my computer its a gateway and im using windows XP, and i dont have any sound at all. whenever i plug in my headphones it doesnt ...

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What do i do after formatting disk?

Hey! ummm. ok, so i don't know much about computers.. anyways, a week ago, i tried to format my computer/hard drive or whatever. my computer is win...

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Avi format movie cannot play

Hello, I have downloaded movies on line and it has been downloaded in the form of avi file ,after downloading cannot play the movie when running it o...

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Drive recognized but not both partitions


Hello, I've got a PC that I've had running for quite a while with a foxconn motherboard 6150 and a AMD 64 processor and a 32 bit Vista Home ed. I go...

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Can't format usb

Hello, Well, My dads new 1gb MP3 player now doesn't seem to work. He tells me he put some songs on it, and the next day the songs he added worked bu...

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Hard drive partition

Hello, my HP laptop recomand hard drive partition,how can i make my pendrive to partition

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Help!my partition software can't work well

Hello, Dear I found EASEUS free partition software Online,but can't work well. I checked it, Still don't know what's wrong Configurat...

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Formatting of hd drive partition

Hello, i am facing a problem in formatting the c: partition . when i am trying at low level it is saying cannot format, the partition is raw try to...

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Partitioning an external drive using easeus

Hello, I run Windows Vista and have just downloaded Easeus and would like to use it to partition a WD 1TB External Hard Drive without compromising fi...

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Tried to delete partitions, did not go well!

Hello, I am not a computer person and not sure why I tried this, but here it goes.... I clicked on My Computer, then on manage. One inside the Hardw...

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Formatting a corrupted sata drive

Hello, I have several HDDs sitting around and the one in question came in my older HP/Compaq pc. I believe the data is corrupted on it, but really ha...

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Unable to install win98 on my pc ntfs-fat32

Hello, i had formatted my drive c from my XP cd and then i rebooted it into dos mode and tried to install win98 on it after converting it into fat3...

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Unable to format usb flash

Hello, i tried formatting my flash and all efforts proved abortive. All the files can not even be deleted help me please please what do i do.

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How to format a system ?

Hello, I dont know how o format m computer..plzz could you help me out ??plzz specify the steps to format..

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Partition problem

Hello, dear sir m using win vista i have 200 gb hard i want to make its partition but diz window only showes 3 partion not more ,other thing is that ...

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Ubuntu installation and drive partition

Hello, recently i tried installing UBUNTU and went thru until the option 4 partitioning came. I used the manual partition and it went on and did aut...

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Help, my usb card saids to format but i have

Hello, I saved a lot of info on my 8gb usb card and when I went to put it on my other computer it said "please format" How can I retieive the info...

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Partitioned c drive full!


Hello, I have a Sony desktop, with windows XP, the system is 4 years old and the C drive ( 16 GB) is full. I get error messages as well reminding me ...

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I have format my laptop since then no sound

Hello Due to some problem i have formated my laptop but no sound at all i have did upgrade with window the problem still what can i do please i nee...

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Partition formated unknowing..

Hello, wel..i just formated my D driver withouting knowing...actually i was playing with the diskpart to create partition but i found the D partiti...

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Message to delete partition

Hi, Have a second hard disk and wanted to connect it to my primary one so as to get all the information on it but disk management only gives me the...

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Hello, I have as a second pc a dell dimension 8100. My hardrive is a Seagate ST320413a 20Gb. I am attemptingto completely format this (I think it i...

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Cannot complete formatting

Hi, Last month I bought a brand new 4 gigabyte pen drive and now when I am trying to format it it will format only up to 1gigabyte anyone can tell me...

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Creating other partitions

hi buddies i have actually a 320gb hard disk and windows xp installed i wanted to know if its possible to partition the hard disk without having to fo...

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Windows formatting

I formatted my pc and its good but in further process it says that some files are missing and it just stoped am being crazy with that. I need help.som...

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Hello, how to delete partition on my computer?

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