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My dell inspiron stops even when bootable cd is inserted.

I had a problem with my windows 7 as after patching the files with universal theme patcher, it wouldnt boot properly. So i tried killdisk to erase the...

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Zohaib R

Xp and sata.

RE installing XP on a SATA drive I would suggest it is also in the programming of the motherboard as I have 2 computers with SATA drives & I installed...

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Zohaib R

How to transfer contacts from samsung mobile to pc


How to transfer Contacts from samsung mobile to PC?

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Password recovery in wise folder hider software


Hi Sir ,I have a wise folder hider and using this I can locked a around 20 GB data and now I forgot the password .please sir help me how I recover thi...

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After recovery from a virus my laptop turns off instead of going to battery when the power is disconnected. The battery registers full power and is on...

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Monitor problem plz help me is urgent

Hello sir/madam, Every time that I power on my computer, a black screen comes up with text. It says "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Window...

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Gateway reset from start up

Hi, Pls help with my gateway problem. I have a gateway nv59c laptop. it shut down while the system was restoring. On putting it on, I skipped the re...

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Zohaib R

Help with my hp g62

i recently installed windows 8 and didnt like it so i went back to windows 7 and it hasnt given me the option when i press the f11 button to reset my ...

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Zohaib R

Open pdf file

i downloaded a pdf file from the net and saved to download and when i tried to open it from the down load icon from my computer, its says that " the f...

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I need vista back and linux mint removed


Hello, I recently got a gateway laptop from my sister. It has linux mint installed on it but i can see by the sticker on it that windows vista home...

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Plz help me.folder lock

hey guyz i just installed folder lock 7.2.2 and hide my downloads folder. while i tried to unlock,it was i removed it from folder lock and now...

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Have internet connectivity but can't do anything.

Hello guys, i've been experiencing some troubles with my laptop for a while now. Sometimes randomly, when hours goes by, or sometimes minutes, my comp...

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Dell vostro flashing splash screen

Hi, I am in deep kimchee as I have to do a radio show tonight and everything is in my computer. I really need help! The splash screen with the...

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Inspiron mini dell system restore

Hi, I wanted to restore the system on my inspiron mini dell Windows 7 laptop and i said system restore. How ever it has been a long time and all it...

1 reply Last reply on 18 Aug 2013 by
Zohaib R

Win 8


Is it possible to upgrade win 7 to win 8 from intel p4,1.8ghz processor speed?

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Forgot folder lock password


Hello! I forgot my Folder Lock7 password. My system is windows 7. Kindly help!

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Sotware programming

how to create a software

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Please help with my broken desktop icon, if you are able.

Hello, T Thank you for reading my message. One of my desktop Icons that leads to one of my programs is not working. I am unable to find my program ...

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Sony vaio duo 11

Any care to help how to change my system to english from japanese.. I just bought it here in japan and want to change it on my own if its possible to...

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3d interior lay outs for untilties service disconnect .

I would like to know how hard it is to make a 3D lay out of our facility to show service disconnects and control panels ?

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Internet download manager

i want the serial no. of help me

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Want to access .exe files in redhat 6

Hi Team Is there any way to access the .exe file like games..........., Please let me know if any chances in Redhat 6 Thanks & Regards ...

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Folder gurad 6 ... need to recover files... urgent plz

Hi.... I locked a very imp folder folder having my personal research documents. my window (windows XP) got corrupted... and i installed the new win...

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Rao Faisal Yameen

Excel vba

To count the number of "1","2","3" in a particular sheet. plz answer me quickly.

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How to format a written protected flash drive

Hello, I brought some flash drive. now i'm having problems with them. I have store things in it. Now it won't delete out or I can't format. Give me a...

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Can't format a 8 gb micro hcsd card


Hello, i've tried to format using DUSK MANAGEMENT, going into MY COMPUTER and right click to format, using the HDD LOW LEVEL FORMAT TOLL even with a ...

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I want to partition my 80gb


Hello, there! I have a new 80 GB hard disk, I want to partition it by half (40 GB x2) please help! 40Gb is 40000?

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Bios does not show cd rom boot option or usb boot option!

Hello, OK so here is the issue, I downloaded Linux a couple weeks ago on my Lenovo IdeaPad U510. About a week later I decided I did not want Linux...

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Windows xp professional service pack 3

please how can i make a successful download of Windows Xp professional service pack 3

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Windows 7 product key


I want genuine key for windows 7 ultimate 64bit.........................please get it for me

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Hi frndz, I Forgot Folder lock v7.1.1 master password. now this software not uninstalling also, When i trying to uninstall it is asking master passw...

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Change language windows 7 home

kindly advice me how to change language in my laptop from italian to english

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Folder lock can't see files

i have moved my files from folder lock folder to a new folder without unlocking it and now I am unable to view my files, how can I get back. please ...

1 reply Last reply on 10 Apr 2013 by
Zohaib R


Hello, Got problem with my FolderLock7, i can't access my files, i been entering all the possible passwords i knew but still it is invalid.. i rem...

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Windows 7 start button changer almost ruin my computer!?

Hello, Whenever I use the program I have to keep restarting it, press F11 and go to System Restore all the time. I kept trying like 5 times!! Then ...

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Is the software you provide free ?

Hello, I would like to know that the software you provide is free. I am in need of regpro cure typed software to repair my pc. Can you provide me plea...

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Download never starts

Hello, I'm trying to download the 91MB DOS Boot Disk software and the download never starts. The "download" window appears, but it just sits ther...

1 reply Last reply on 5 Mar 2013 by
Zohaib R

Write protected error while formatting


Hello, Respected Sir, I m getting a write protected error while copying or formatting a kingston 1gb ...

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How to find authentication key for pre-loaded xp professional

Hello, I am about to buy a new laptop with Windows 7. I have 'my life' on the old computer and can't risk losing anything. Is it going to be...

3 replies Last reply on 27 Feb 2013 by
Zohaib R

Software principle

Hello, Can i please be assissted with the principle of designing a software Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 18.0

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Free software to improve the pc performance optimize

Hello friends, I am looking for a free software to improve the PC performance optimize Thanks Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 19....

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Problem with installing xp


Hello, Hey have built a new computer, mb M5A99X, CPU amd 4170 fx, cool master 212 evo, sapphire 7850. and a wireless card. I read another question t...

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Difference between exfat and ntfs


Hello, Can anyone please tell me whats the difference between formatting using exfat and using ntfs?? one of my pen drives, i tried to c...

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Difference between analogue and digital

Hello, what is the difference between analogue and digital.... Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 6.0.1

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Unable recover data or format flash drive.


Hello, every time i tried to open my flash drive via my computer, it gives me error saying " incorrect function". ive tried using recovery progr...

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Hello, I wld like to delete home.sweetim from my computer, but cannot do so. I have deleted program from control panel but still comes up. It is a...

1 reply Last reply on 23 Jan 2013 by
Zohaib R

Unable to format kingston 64gb pen drive


Hello, while formating in windows xp it wasnet show me the file system and allocation Unites after clicing format it show me the volume is to big una...

Last reply on 24 Dec 2012 by

I merged my catroot and catroot2 folder in windows 7

Hello, I merged my catroot and catroot2 folders in Windows 7 and now it cannot boot? I know I screwed up my pc buy is there any way to fix it?...

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Window 3.1 installer

Hello, window 3.1 installer

1 reply Last reply on 8 Nov 2012 by
Zohaib R

Partition without format


Hi buddies I have actually a 320gb hard disk and windows xp installed I wanted to know if its possible to partition the hard disk without having to ...

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