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My dell laptop can take so much time at

Hello my dell laptop can take so much time at run time. i have also licence antivirus software . what is the problem of my laptop i cant understand....

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How format my individual drive

Hello, How format for individual drives, when mycomputer isn't open and any activity on pc isn't work.. Please help me.

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Can't format usb mass storage drive


Hello, I get a message telling me my USB key needs to be formatted, I click ok, try to format and I get a message saying , disk is write protected,...

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How to install magic jack after formatting


Hello, pleas help me to install my magic jack after formatting , my magic jack windows xp .magic jack is not working

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Strange problem: a new partition with no size

hey a new partition (Q) appear in my computer with no size and i cant format it http://...

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Unable to cut/paste & format 4gb msd card

Hello, i can not format & cut from /paste into my 4gb transcend msd card. i tried to format in win7,xp,android and nokia.but no help. and one surpri...

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Zohaib R

Need help with active partition recovery.


Hello, Can someone shine some light on how to recover data from an external hard drive using Active Partition Recovery software? I have loaded ...

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Partitions except c: not shown by my computer


Hello, my computer does not show my D drive and E drive. when i goto computer > manage > storage the drive does not appear. down there i s...

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I lost folder lock password pls help me out..

Hello, Internet Explorer i lost folder lock password how to open help me out its very urgent pls

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How do i format kingston 8gb flash drive data


Hello, I have purchase kingston 8 gb data traveler 101. When I insert pen drive system ask for formating the same. But system is not able to f...

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Cant format my flash

Hello, after put hirens boot on my flash i cant format it or copy any file to my flash and i open the regedit and i found the value 0 what can i do ...

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Cannot open partition

Hello, Please can somebady help me, in my computer i have 3 partitions: C: D: E:, with partiton C and D is OK, but when I try to open partition E...

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Partition local disk

Hello, i have to divide local disk of 500 g b into 50 g b, how can i do that please solve my problems thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Firef...

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Cannot format my usb

Hello, i can not format my usb and it says '' you do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation'' so what is the solution to this problem...

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No sound after formatting..

Hello, I have formatted my system few days ago... al are working fine.. i had problem with sound.. i installed the driver from mother board cd.....

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Kingston mass storage needs formatting again

Hello, I purchased a Kingston Mass Storage USB drive (8 g) and the problem is that you cannot retrieve the information after you save more information...

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How to format m2 memory card

Hello,Guys i am using sony erricson w910i need 2 format m2 memory card i have forgotten d password..... PLZ HELP ME GUYS...... THANKS IN AD...

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My 32gb kingston pen is not formatting

Hello, when am formatting this is showing like this C:\>format h: /q Insert new disk for drive H: and press ENTER when ready... The type of th...

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No sound after formatting my pc

Hello there, Please help me how can I install any sound device to my computer to play a audio. I have here an old motherboard and I can't fix ...

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Damage partition

Hello, Hello, My external hard drive was working since i got it and i stored my work in it. today,I just plugged in my external harddrive will a...

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Formatting kingston 64 gb pen drive

Hello, i have kingston 64gb pen drive . i had buy it from chinese market. at thet time the shopkeper was format it, and the format completed. ...

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Help to format my system

Hello, I seem to have done mistake by doing the reformat of my toshiba c660 laptop. It wasnt that I intended to do intentionally, I did because I...

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Can not format my usb

Hello, when i'm insert my usb windows ask to format or not if select format after sometime it shows windows unable to complete format pleas...

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Corrupted partition showing 0 mb size


I have a hard drive partitioned as C and D drive. My computer crashed one day and wouldn't boot up. I stuck in a different hard drive and reinstalled ...

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Built-in mic not working after formatting


Hello, my built-in mic is not picking ne sound after i formatted my pc from windows vista to windows laptop is asus f6v...i tried downloadi...

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Folder lock professional password

Hello, I now what was my password but now when I ener it to unprotect my drive it is wrong!!! i changed my windows to win7 but my protected drives...

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Reformatting dell 1545 vista

Hello, Have never reformatted a laptop so please help...... I have not been given any CD by Dell for my 1545 inspiron... Will I need that C...

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Windows was unable to format the drive

Hello, I have Windows XP on my dell. I have inserted flash drives into my computer many times before and was able to put data on them with no problem....

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Anonymous User

Problem with my d partition.

Hello, I am having trouble opening my D partion. It says to Opne with and a DIALOG BOX appears, asking me to chose from it. Please tell me the easie...

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Unable to format usb

Hello, unable to format usb through windows. cmd.pmt showing error in formatting through FAT. please guide me. Configuration: Windows 7 / Firef...

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Anonymous User

Partition problem and windows installation

Hello, I am Mohammad Imteyaz I have a Dell Laptop and i had more than 2 Operating System in it but that time 4 healthy partition created in t...

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Anonymous User

Formatting i missed soundcard

Hello, im using Pentium4 while i was formatting i missed soundcard. im still didnt get it.... please guide me.... Configuration: Windo...

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Kingston pen drive not formatting

Hello, i have a 4gb kingston pendrive,from lost two months it's not working, whenever i kept pendrive to system it shows "removable disk" and also i...

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Anonymous User

Second partition not displaying

Greetings, I have two partitions created in my computer with windows 7 installed in one. Months later, i reformated my computer with windows 7. When a...

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Recovering files on without formatting

Hello, I have a 300 gig A-data external drives which was working perfectly before a few minutes ago. all of a sudden it stopped working. i check di...

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I want to change raw file system to ntfs

Hello, Please suggest me the way without formatting how to change the RAW file to NTFS file system. Because i have important data in E drive which is...

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Western digital 3.5 ntfs -windows

Hello, I have a western digital (200 GB) internal hard drive and used it as an external hard drive using an enclosure. I used this in windows oper...

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Unable to format transcent usb stick

Hello, Hi, I have an 8GB Transcent USB Stick which is not getting formatted, while it shows unreadable when i insert in the com. Tried to for...

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Unable to format pendrive.....

Hello, I have 16gb transcend pendrive..........there is a problem with my pendrive........ when I try to format my pendrive it shows message ...

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Installing win98 on new drive error: no fat32


Hello, A friend of mine is installing win98 on a old PC but it won't load. He gets an error stating FAT32 isn't on the drive. I read some forums...

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Unable to format pendirve


Hello, I am unable to format my pendirve even trying method mentioned above F:\Users\GREEN>cd / F:\>format j:/q Insert new disk for drive...

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External hd wants to format - can't access


Last night we had some power shortages. My external HD was plugged in but wasn't transferring data. However, when attempting to access it this morning...

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Can't format memory card ''micro sd''


Hello, I can't format my 'MICRO SD' memory card, when I added in any file that shown in Computer, but not Shown in mobile, when memory card is co...

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I m not able to open or format my pendrive


Hello, when i attached my pen drive to pc it shows in my computers but when i try to open or format it the error shows that "'window is anable to for...

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it boy

Usb boot device format error

Hello, Yesterday i tried to make a usb boot device with an 8gig usb flash disk. It failed on installing all the files correctly, and now my computer...

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Having problem in formatting the flash drive

Hello, could you kindly help me on how can i fix my 4gb flash drive.. because while i was saving a file to my flash drive my baby brother suddenly ...

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Usb thumb drive raw format not coming up

HI, I have a thumbdrive that I have music on. I have used this TD on all my home PC's. I took some plans into the printers and had them scanned and p...

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Formatting problem

Hello, sir my desktop is not showing any icon.. And when i want to format then also not read cd or pen drive. Please any one help me. Configu...

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File format became raw

Hello, I have KINGSTONE 4GB pendrive but its file format has changed to "raw".And i am unable to format it.I did lot of stuff bt still nt able to fo...

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I need a file of my usb but it say's i need to format will i lose the data

Hello, I have a luxor brand usb stick i have been working and saving on it and now all of a sudden it want me to format have i just lost my files?...

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