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Cs available memory less than 15mb

Hello, iam getting always the memory less than 15 mb and I tride that porportis set to windows xp sp3 but it dose it works and I tride all of them s...

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Anonymous User

My controller isnt working

Hello, My Excuse me but while I am in themiddle of a game the ps3 controller doesnt work and then later it says. The controller 1 is low batte...

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emailmeh plz :D

My playstaion wont show up on my tv

Hello, My playstation 3 worked last night I shut it off then woke up the next day and Tried to turn it on and it turns on it just won't show up ...

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Hook up ps3 to internet using sprintsierra 3g

Hello, I can't seem to figure out how to hook up to the internet on my ps3 using my sprint sierra 3g usb device. When i just plain hook it up to ...

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Win server 2008 r2 automatic shutdown problem

Hey guys, I am new here. I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 X64, just recently(the day I post) the computer shut down automatically. I not sure what's ...

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Gta 4

Hello, Hye friends, recently I brought GTA IV and GTA episods from LC these games are working but like slideshow I have Pentium (R) Dual-core E53...

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Jack Rex

Help help! can,t access nfs

Hello, can you plis help me! i ve installed the game nfs but when i try to acces it says nfs.exe has encounter a problem so, i cannot acess to the ...

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Jack Rex

Prob playing fifa 08 on lan xp and vista.


Hello, i want to play fifa 08 on lan. one pc has xp and other has vista. the game gets connected but after the loading, at the time of starting th...

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Psn trouble


Hello, i have just tried to sign in to my PSN and an error message came up sayin The connection with playstation network has timed out. Please ...

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About sims3 pc

Hello, will sims3 work good on a HP Black p6803w Desktop plzz help? Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 6.0.2

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Anonymous User

Gta4 requirments......

Hello please tell me a minimum requirement, I have 2GB ram, xp, intel dual core inside, having software - adoble flash player, realtek hd,gta san...

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Opening very late most wanted

Hello, After clicking speed.exe file in most wanted,it is opening very late.once it is started no problem. MAIN PROBLEM IS OPENING VERY LATE.pLZ ...

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Sound isn't working after installing sims 3

Hello, I installed Sims 3 on my Sony Vaio laptop. The game didn't work and just froze up on the introduction so I uninstalled the game and restarte...

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Hello, how can i transfer the old pictures from my internal memory to my new sd card

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Sims help


Hello, when i try it is say shortcut not found and i can browes to find it. It isntr there though:p*tears* it stinks!!!!!!! help??? Configurat...

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Gta4 running slow on core2duo?

Hello, I've go an intel core2duo@1.8ghz with a 2GB of DDR2 RAM & 1GB Inno3d Nvidia GT430 card. Whenever I run GTA4 with high textures, it runs slow ...

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Chuzzle delux

Hello, why does my computer automatically go on pause while I'm playing this game/ Thanks for your time and help. Configuration: Windows 7...

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Sims 3 late night


So I got the Sims 3 awhile ago and it worked fine, then we got out computer cleaned up and everything so it was uninstalled and after we got our tower...

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Gta san andreas dll errors

Hello, hi i download gta san andreas in torrent but it is not installed and say 0gg_stream_serialno.dll is missing. plese help me Configuration...

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Help w/internet & ps3 connection


Hello, So we have a laptop that has been hooked up to the internet through a cable. Until recently we have had no problems connecting. It stopped ...

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My sims 3 game launcher wont open

Hi. Ok, so I put in my Sims 3 as I usually do, but the game launcher wont start. It pops up but a sign comes up saying "There was an error during ...

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Anonymous User

Counter strike is not working in my computer!

Hello, I have downloaded counter strike carbon numerous times but once I clic on the icon it says that there is an error and seeks permission to eith...

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Black screen and audio but no picture, cod 4

Hello, i have an acer 5332 aspire and whenever I run a game like dawn of war or cod 4, I dont get any picture, all I get is the audio from the game ...

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Sims 2 won't work

Hello, I have a major problem. Every time I open Sims 2 a message comes up saying something like 'Sorry, Sims is not working the application will ...

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Fatal error in counter strike condition zero

Hello, Please Help me out with a Fatal Error message I am receiving when I was trying to run counter strike as " Unable to Load Library ". I have ...

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Gta iv working too slow help me...

hi, i had dell inspiron desktop with 1. windows7 ultimate 2. core2duo processor E7500 @2.93 GHz 3. 2GB DDR3 RAM 4. ATI Radeon HD 4300 series 1024m...

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Hello, hi, i have 47 videos on ares and i just wanted to put them on a seprate folder. But i deleted them and i went to the recycling bin and only r...

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Laptop ethernet chord wont work for ps3


Hello, i had the ethernet cable hooked up 2 the ps3 it worked just fine. then i hooked it up 2 my laptop. the internet works. but when i plugged it b...

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Will not allow me to load

Hello, Please can someone help me.....I am begging. when I go to try get onto facebook windows gives me a warning notifying me that the server is...

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GM Madman

The witcher , i dont know how to reinstall it


Hello, my name is andrew bowman. im new at this whole computer thing. i bought the the witcher , installed it once and accidentaly deleted it ,and n...

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GM Madman

Hd pvr


Hello, I'm trying to use my HD-PVR with my PS3. I used to play with HDMI Cables, but now I have to use the Component Cables for the HD-PVR. I get ...

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GM Madman

Can't connect my ps3 to router

Hello, Hello, i connect my ps3 wirelessly via router and when i go to connect it finds my ip adress but my internet connection fails could any...

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GM Madman

Getting my ps3 to work


Hello, I'm bored at work so I brought my ps3 in to Not be so bored n so the only tv is this old RCA tv n it doesn't have a slot for hdmi cord so I g...

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GM Madman

Unable to play game

Hello, Please TeLL Me Em I aBle tO Play tHis gAme, I Have 1.5 GB Ram, 512 nviDia 8400Gs, Pentium D (3.0) Pleasee Somme 1 TeLL Me =)

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My ram does not work

Hello, I have i 3GB ram but some games such as street fighter 4 GTA 4 and the witcher works very very slow plz plz plz HELP ME

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Gta 4 sys requrements!!??

hello, i have windows 7 ultimate(32) Intel core 2 duo 1.7ghz 4gb ram direct x 11 Intel GMA 950 please tell whether GTA 4 would run in thi...

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My ps3 power button doesn't work

Hello, My ps3 power button doesn't work for some reason and I need to reset the display settings to factory settings cause I took it to my ...

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Please help me on my gta 4

Hello, hi guys can you help me about my game, i think it is not compatible with my Asus laptop Asus K42jc-A1 320gb HDD 4gb Ram NVIDIA gef...

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Nfs mw

Hello, I bought my nfs mw from my friends PC but when i start it it gets stsrt perfectly bu when i choose carrer or quick or any other race it close...

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How to go online with ps3


Hello, I've been wondering if I can have internet on my ps3 by buying a router, there's strong WiFi around my house coming from somewhere and I'm wo...

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GM Madman

Sims 2 on windows 7

2 errors: 1.) I've installed The Sims 2 successfully and it won't run on normal, administrator or compatibility mode. Error says there are compatib...

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Sims 2 and sims 3 crash


Hello, i have both sims 3 and sims 2 both worked just fine for about 6 months then while in game play they would stop the screen would compleatly fr...

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Gta 4 very low fps

Hello, i just got the gta 4 and my fps is around 10 i dont know why my specs are high windows 7 6gb of ram ATI Mobility Radeon hd 5650 dedic...

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Sims 3 base game crashes after update

Hello, I've been play the sims 3 as well as all the expansion packs (except outdoor living and generations) for 2 years on my laptop perfectly fine ...

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Playing a gta 4 game

Hello, can i play gta 4 with dual core 2.6 ghz,3gb ram,1gb nvidia 9500gt graphic card??? plz reply........................

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Please xbox 360 with ps3

Hello, if I have a friend that has a 360 and I have a ps3 if we buy the same game can we play each other online? Configuration: Windows Vista ...

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Sims 2- dvd rom drive


Hello, Do you need a DVD rom drive to install the sims 2? The EA website system requirements say you don't but everyone else says you do

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Mw2 (possibly just ps3, idk) problem


Hello, I am a PS3 user so idk if this problem is affecting everyone, or just ps3, or just me. Anyways i was playing mw2. I finished one game of te...

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No audio


Hello, I have a ps3. My tv is a 2002 sony. The audio is not working through the hdmi. How do i get it to work? Configuration: Windows 7 / In...

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Not able to play games or videos

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 534.30i am not able to play any videos or games from the time i installed windows 7 please help

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