Chivalry 2 classes: explained, ranked

Chivalry 2 classes: explained, ranked

In Chivalry 2, an online multiplayer game, there are four primary classes available for players to choose from. These classes represent different roles and playstyles on the battlefield. In this article we will look at the different classes and see which one is the best.

What are the classes in Chivalry 2?

Here are the four classes in Chivalry 2.

  • Knight: Knights are heavily armoured and formidable warriors, capable of both offense and defense. They wield powerful weapons like swords, hammers, and war axes. Knights are durable and can soak up damage, protect teammates, and charge into the fray with devastating attacks.
  • Vanguard: Vanguards are heavy-hitting melee fighters, wielding long-range weapons such as polearms or two-handed swords. They excel at dealing area-of-effect damage, breaking through enemy defenses, and disrupting enemy formations.
  • Footman: The Footman is a versatile class that excels in close-quarters combat. They wield a variety of weapons, including swords, axes, and maces. Footmen can engage enemies on the frontlines, withstand damage, and provide support to their team.
  • Archer: Archers specialise in ranged combat, using bows and arrows to deal damage from a distance. They can provide cover fire, snipe key targets, and weaken enemies before engaging in melee combat. Archers require precision and skill to effectively control the battlefield.

Each class offers unique strengths and weaknesses, allowing players to choose a playstyle that suits their preferences and contribute to their team's success on the medieval battlefield of Chivalry 2.

What are the subclasses in Chivalry 2?

In Chivalry 2, each class has several subclasses.

Knight subclasses

  • Officer: The Officer is the base subclass for Knights. They possess the signature move called Trumpet, which allows them to heal themselves and nearby teammates. The Officer class is balanced and suitable for players to learn the basics of the game before exploring other characters.
  • Guardian: The Guardian subclass specializes in defense and support. They are equipped with a shield and have access to various weapons with different stats. The Guardian's signature ability is placing a Banner, which acts as a healing beacon for themselves and their teammates. It is advisable to position the Banner strategically behind the battle to provide a retreat point for healing.
  • Crusader: The Crusader is the final subclass unlocked for the Knight. They wield heavy and high DPS (damage per second) weapons, such as the Messer. While these weapons can deal significant damage, they are slow to swing, requiring precise timing and control to avoid being vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Vanguard subclasses

  • Devastator: Starts with the powerful Battle Axe but lacks a strong sidearm. They have throwable mallets and use Oil Pots as a signature ability, charged by killing enemies with sprint attacks.

  • Raider: Regarded as the best Vanguard subclass. They can carry two primary weapons, heal teammates with the Trumpet, and excel at using a ranged weapon for long-range engagements and a mid-range weapon. They can switch to fresh weapons by breaking one after blocked attacks.

  • Ambusher: Focuses on flanking enemies and receives a damage boost when hitting enemies from behind. However, they are vulnerable to ambushes themselves and have limited defensive capabilities. Their signature ability is the Quiver, which restocks throwing knives but may have limited team utility.

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Archer subclasses

  • Longbowman: The Longbowman subclass in Chivalry 2 specialises in using the longbow, offering mobility and a fast rate of fire. They can place a flaming Brazier to light arrows on fire, causing damage over time to enemies hit.
  • Crossbowman: The Crossbowman subclass wields a crossbow, dealing higher damage but requiring stationary reloading. They can deploy a shield for cover and use a Banner for healing, similar to the Knight's Guardian subclass.
  • Skirmisher: The Skirmisher subclass uses javelins as throwable projectiles and melee weapons. They lack precision in ranged combat but have access to the Falchion as a melee weapon and a small shield. However, their stamina pool is limited, making the shield vulnerable to breaking quickly.

Footman subclasses

  • Poleman: The Poleman subclass focuses on keeping enemies at a distance using weapons like the Halberd and Spear. They have Bandage Kits to heal teammates and themselves. Charging the Bandage Kit is possible by healing teammates and reviving downed players, encouraging a supportive playstyle.

  • Man at Arms: The Man at Arms subclass excels in close-quarters combat. They gain a movement speed boost when wielding a one-handed weapon and have a small shield for protection. They offer a balanced playstyle and are effective in one-on-one engagements with proper spacing.

  • Field Engineer: The Field Engineer subclass is specialized in dealing damage to objectives. They have a damage bonus against breakable objects and access to Spike Traps and Bear Traps. They should focus on defending and destroying objectives rather than direct combat.

Which is the best class in Chivalry 2?

The best class in Chivalry 2 ultimately depends on personal playstyle, preferences, and the specific situation on the battlefield. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and all can be effective in different scenarios. It's important to find a class that suits your preferred playstyle and complements your team's overall strategy.

For players who enjoy close-quarters combat and frontline engagements, the Footman and Knight classes can be strong choices. They excel in dealing melee damage, with the Footman offering more versatility and support options, while the Knight provides durability and heavy-hitting attacks.

If ranged combat and precision strikes are more to your liking, the Archer class can be effective in providing cover fire, picking off enemies from a distance, and weakening opponents before engaging in melee. For players who prefer a hybrid playstyle, the Vanguard class offers a balance between melee and ranged combat, with their long-range weapons and area-of-effect attacks.

Ultimately, the best class in Chivalry 2 is subjective and dependent on personal preference and playstyle. It's recommended to experiment with different classes to find the one that suits you best and to adapt to the needs of your team and the current battlefield situation.

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