How to get the best Horizon Forbidden West armor

How to get the best Horizon Forbidden West armor

In Horizon Forbidden West armor is very important. Each armor has its own stats and is rated by its resistance. Armor can be more or less resistant to certain attacks, such as melee, impact, fire, frost, shock, purgewater, acid and plasma. In this article we will show you how to get the best Horizon Forbidden West armor and break down its stats.

How to find the best armor?

Here are the steps to get the best armor, the Oseram Artificer, in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Speak to Keruf: Find Keruf to the west of Barren Light. He's the leader of the Salvage hunters and will give you the quest to help his crew make the best armor.
  • Complete Salvage Contracts: Find and help each of the three Salvage hunters located around the Forbidden West. They will offer you Salvage contracts, each requiring specific machine parts to complete. Scan your targets with your focus and use the 'Tag part' feature to highlight the required machine parts.
  • Return to Keruf for Armor Judging: Once you've completed all the Salvage Contracts, return to where Larund is based (highlighted by the quest "Keruf's Salvage Legend"). The Salvage crew's armor sets will be deemed unsatisfactory, but you suggest combining them all.
  • Receive the Oseram Artificer Armor: After the suggestion, the Oseram Artificer armor will be created. This armor is considered the best in Horizon Forbidden West and is a warrior-type armor with buffs to your Power Attack, Resonator-related abilities, and Valor Surge.
  • Combine with the Overshield Valor Surge: To enhance the armor further, you can combine the Oseram Artificer armor with the Overshield Valor Surge found at the bottom of the Survivor section of the skill tree. This will provide you with a temporary shield that wraps around Aloy's entire body like a holographic web, offering extra protection in battles against formidable enemies.
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What are the Oseram Artificer stats?

Here are the base stats for the Oseram Artificer armor:

VS Stat Skills Weaves
Melee 51 +2 Power Attack+ +2 Melee Damage (upgraded)
Impact 35 +1 Resonator Buildup  +2 Critical Strike+ (upgraded)
Fire 33 +1 Resonator Damage  
Frost -40 +1 Valor Surge Master  
Shock 33 +1 Resonator Blast+ (upgraded)  
Purgewater 35 +1 Energized Duration (upgraded)  
Acid 36    
Plasma -40  

How to upgrade the Oseram Artificer?

It is possible to upgrade the armor several times. For each upgrade you will need the following materials:

Level 1 Upgrade:

  • 600 Metal Shards
  • 1 Luminous Brainstem
  • 2 Dreadwing Primary Nerve
  • 5 Dreadwing Metal Fang
  • 2 Frostclaw Circulator

Level 2 Upgrade:

  • 800 Metal Shards
  • 2 Luminous Brainstem
  • 2 Frostclaw Primary Nerve
  • 3 Frostclaw Sac Webbing
  • 2 Thunderjaw Primary Nerve

Level 3 Upgrade:

  • 1000 Metal Shards
  • 3 Luminous Brainstem
  • 1 Apex Thunderjaw Heart
  • 2 Apex Ravager Heart
  • 3 Stormbird Storm Cannon

Level 4 Upgrade:

  • 1200 Metal Shards
  • 4 Luminous Brainstem
  • 2 Stormbird Circulator
  • 1 Apex Stormbird Heart
  • 2 Fireclaw Sac Webbing

Level 5 Upgrade:

  • 11,500 Metal Shards
  • 5 Luminous Brainstem
  • 2 Slaughterspine Circulator
  • 2 Apex Frostclaw Heart
  • 1 Apex Slaughterspine Heart

Once you have completed the Level 5 upgrade, these will be the armor stats:

VS Stat Skills
Melee 65 +2 Power Attack+
Impact 55 +1 Resonator Buildup +2
Fire 55 +1 Resonator Damage +2
Frost -5 +1 Valor Surge Master +2
Shock 53 +1 Resonator Blast+ +2
Purgewater 55 +1 Energized Duration +2
Acid 56  
Plasma -5
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