Diablo IV winter event: Proofs, elixir, Red-Cloaked Horror

Diablo IV winter event: Proofs, elixir, Red-Cloaked Horror

Blizzard is launching Midwinter Blight, a big Christmas event for Diablo IV that will last several weeks and be full of new experiences, rewards and items to unlock. Here we have compiled everything you need to know about the upcoming winter festival.

The Midwinter Blight event is a unique chance to gain new sensations from Diablo IV, get a powerful elixir that will work even after the event, and also try out experiences that may appear later in the main game.

What are the dates of the Diablo IV Winter Festival?

Midwinter Blight will begin on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, and will run for three full weeks, until Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

Midwinter Blight trailer

Ahead of the start of the winter festival, Blizzard has released a trailer from which you can glean a lot of information about its gameplay and gifts. In the video, Blizzard Digital Marketing Manager Ruben Marquez, Diablo IV Community Manager Marcus Kretz, and Lead Live Events Designer Deric Nunez give detailed tips on where to find the rewards and on how to most effectively collect Midwinter Proofs.

Where to look for rewards?

As soon as the event goes live, go to Kyovashad, where you will see a Midwinter Square on the left side of waypoint. Midwinter Blight vendor, the bard Gileon, will be waiting for you there. He will accompany you throughout the event and  will introduce you to the rewards that can be farmed up at the event.

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What rewards will be available at the Midwinter Blight event?

Players will be offered 5 parts, one for each class. You can get up to 14 different Cosmetics for different classes completely free of charge.

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How to farm the Midwinter Blight items?

In the purple zone on the map you will be able to find three types of event materials: Blightfiend Fragments, Red-Cloaked Trophies and Lost Heirlooms. Get the Blightfiend  Fragments from the Blightfiend Monsters on the map. You can pick up the Lost Heirlooms from the Frigid Husks. To find the Red-Cloaked Trophies, you will have to cut off the Red-Cloaked Horror's head.

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Convert Midwinter rewards into Midwinter Proofs

Return to the Midwinter Square, where you will again meet Gileon standing by a crafting bench. Here you will be able to convert the materials you farmed into Midwinter Proofs, the main currency of the event. This way you will get even more rewards, including Armor, Gold, Gem Fragments and Gileon's Brew, a powerful elixir that increases your Maximum Life by as much as 15 %, that is, much more than the 5% bonus offered by regular elixirs in the game. The Gileon's Brew works in all zones of Diablo IV and persists beyond the event. You will also be able to farm the Shard of Dawn, a Midwinter Offensive Aspect that increases your Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 12%.

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