Top Spotify equalizers: for cell phone, PC, best settings

Top Spotify equalizers: for cell phone, PC, best settings

Spotify users often listen to music via a cell phone, although mobile phones usually don't have the best sound quality. However, it is possible to improve the Spotify sound on your smartphone in a simple and effective way using equalizers.

How to activate the sound equalizer on your phone?

The Spotify application itself allows you to equalize the sound output on the phone, which gives you more control over sound quality. You can find the equalizer directly in Spotify from the Settings menu of your cell phone. Many recent smartphones include an equalizer option in the Sound menu. First, we recommend that you check if that is available on your device.

If not, you must download an equalizer app. Although there are many, here are the recommended few that are compatible with Spotify.

What are the best equalizer apps?

More equalizer apps will soon be available that are compatible with Spotify, but for now, we can recommend two that are for free on Google Play.

Equalizer FX.Pro

This app is focused on sound customization. Its equalizer is very complete and intuitive for you to learn what type of sound you like most by trying various settings. You can download it here:

© Equalizer FX.Pro

Precise Volume (+ EQ / Booster)

This app has a simple interface with an equalizer that includes all the necessary variables to adjust the sound to your liking. It also offers other volume control functions. You can download it here:

precise volume
© Precise volume

How to configure the app with Spotify?

Once the equalizer application is downloaded, you must make a small configuration adjustment to tune it to Spotify. Simply activate the Compatibility Mode option in the Sound App settings menu.

How to adjust the equalizer in Spotify?

Once you have downloaded, installed, and synchronized your equalizer app, you must open your Spotify home page. Click on Settings (top right button with the gear) > Music Quality.

If you already have an equalizer app installed, an option called Equalizer will appear. Clicking on it will open the sound control panel where you can configure it to your taste. If you've never modified an equalizer before, we recommend that you try until you find the exact point you like best. Here are some small tips to get started.

spotify equalizer
© Spotify

The bars on the left correspond to the bass, and the bars on the right control the treble. If you want to give more strength to these high-pitched sounds, we recommend you upload these markers.

How to use Spotify equalizer on PC?

There is no equalizer for the Spotify desktop version, though you can still adjust the sound using Windows 10 sound settings.

Launch Windows 10 and click on the sound icon. Then select Sounds and choose the device you play music through. Select Properties and go to Sound effects. Here you can tick the bass boost option, and adjust other sound settings.

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