Netflix subtitles font: color and size settings

Netflix subtitles font: color and size settings

An increasing number of Netflix users are watching foreign-language series and movies with subtitles. If you are part of this group, you should know that Netflix allows you to customize subtitle appearance and design to best suit your preferences.

How to customize Netflix subtitles?

It is possible to change the Netflix subtitle font, size, and color, among other aspects.

To personalize the subtitles, you will first have to connect to the web version of Netflix. Next, open your account settings.

Then the following screen will appear:

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You can now choose between seven types of fonts (Typewriter, Print, Block, Console, Casual, Cursive, and Small Caps).

You can also put the text in a box, put a background on it, add shadows and relief in different colors, or change the font size.

Any personalization that you do will only be applied to the profile you have open. So if you share an account with other people, you will each be able to personalize your subtitle preferences. The changes will be applied to all viewing devices.

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