How to set the parental control on Netflix

How to set the parental control on Netflix

Netflix allows users to set parental controls on their accounts to help them monitor the content children and young adults are able to access. Here we'll give you an overview of how to get started.

Where to find the parental control settings? 

To set parental controls on Netflix, first log in either on the website or the app. Go to the main menu dropdown by selecting the downward arrow on the top-right of the screen. Select Account, and scroll down to Profile & Parental Controls. Now, click on the arrow on the right of the profile you want to change.

On the page that opens, enter your password, and click Continue. Next, create your 4-digit PIN, and select Save. You will, then, have the option to set parental controls from predefined settings, including Little Kid, Older Kids, Teens, Adults. You can also enter specific titles to block by entering them into the field below the Restrict specific titles field.

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