The best Christmas movies on Netflix (2022)

The best Christmas movies on Netflix (2022)

Do you consider yourself a Christmas lover, or do you rather consider yourself a Grinch? Whichever is the case, you should know that Netflix boasts a very diverse catalog of movies dedicated to the Christmas season. Here is our selection of the best Christmas films on Netflix.

Falling for Christmas (2022)

What would Christmas movies be without the amnesia and the sudden change of social position of the protagonist? Nothing, absolutely nothing! And "Falling for Christmas" has understood this very well. That's why it has cast none other than Lindsey Lohan as the spoiled daughter of a billionaire hotel owner who has just become engaged to her current boyfriend. However, the heiress loses control during a skiing adventure and falls off a cliff. When she wakes up, she remembers nothing and is taken in by the owner of a modest inn located in a colorful small town preparing to welcome Christmas. The inn's owner is a man with a daughter with whom she will begin to forge an unexpected romantic bond. While waiting for her memories to return, Lindsay will find love, meet many other colorful characters and even learn how to make a bed! 

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Christmas With You (2022)

This is a romantic Christmas comedy with Latin overtones, and we like that! What's it about? Angelina is a pop star looking for inspiration for a Christmas song. In her search, she stumbles upon a teenage girl named Cristina Torres, who makes a touching cover of one of her songs. In the video, the young girl reveals that her birthday wish would be to meet her, and Angelina, who needs to reconnect with her fans, has set out to fulfill it. This is how Angie surprises Cristina at her school, where she meets Freddie, the young girl's father, and music teacher. Each of them will find things they never knew they were looking for, including the chance to reconcile with love.

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Father Christmas is Back (2021)

Caroline Christmas wants nothing more than to celebrate Christmas in her ancestral manor in the English countryside with her three sisters, with whom she has a problematic relationship. Caroline puts much effort into the party to mimic the past family disputes they have gone through. Then on 25 December, the four sisters find themselves caught by the most incredible surprise on Christmas day! After seemingly having disappeared off the face of their earth, their father, James Christmas reappears accompanied by his young American girlfriend Jackie. After a series of incidents and misunderstandings, Caroline and her sisters will discover the secret that tore their family apart many years ago. This British comedy has a great cast: Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hurley, Peter Hope and John Cleese, one of the founders of the mythical Monty python.

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Single All the Way (2021)

"Single at Christmas" is this year's LGBTI romantic comedy in the Netflix catalog. Peter, the eternal and convinced bachelor, returns home to spend Christmas. Tired of being the center of his family's comments, he brings his best friend, Nick, to pretend to be his boyfriend. However, this time, Carole, Peter's mother, not knowing he would be accompanied, had arranged a date for Peter with the handsome town coach. As the story evolves, Peter takes a long detour to discover that true love has always been by his side. Special mention goes out to the performances of the two women in the family: On the one hand, we find Peter's mother, played by Kathy Najimy, and on the other hand Aunt Sandy, the hilarious Jennifer Coolidge.

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The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (2021)

Vanessa Hudgens has become as synonymous with Christmas as Mariah Carey. After the success of "Princess Exchange 1 and 2", Netflix has produced a third installment of the saga. When Chicago confectioner Stacy and princess-to-be Margaret (both played by Vanessa Hudgens) discover they look like twins, they decide to pose as each other. As you have already guessed, Stacy ends up falling in love with the prince and Margaret finds herself head over heels with Stacy's best friend Kevin. After this nothing will be the same. In The Princess Switch 3 a third Vanesa Hudgens appears, under the name of Lady Fiona, a cousin who coincidentally looks identical to Stacy and Margaret. During an international Christmas festival hosted by Stacy and Margaret in the palace of Montenaro, thieves break into the place to steal the "Star of Peace", a sacred relic loaned by the Vatican. Stacy and Margaret decide to approach Lady Fiona, and the three of them start a hilarious heist in order to retrieve the priceless re

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A Castle for Christmas (2021)

Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) is a successful American writer who, after upsetting her fans with the ending of her latest book, decides to take a break from work in Scotland. During her vacation, she visits a small town where she gets with the local castle. The owner of the castle is Duke of Myles (Cary Elwes), a man who, despite having a bad-tempered reputation, is very gentle to Sophie. When she finds out that the castle is for sale, Sophie decides to make an offer. However, the Duke of Myles refuses to leave the property in the hands of a foreigner.  Through, Duke is in serious need of money, so he tries to find a way to make a deal. Duke agrees to accept the sale, but only if Sophie agrees to move to immediately move in with him in the castle until the property sale process is completed. The Machiavellian owner soon shows her that castle life is not as romantic as it is believed. Set against an idyllic Christmas backdrop, Duke's plan to drive Sophie away from the castle only brings them closer together.

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Elves (2021)

For those who search for fleeing from all the feel-good comedies that abound these days, we have your back with this Danish horror and fantasy series. Elves is ideal for binge-watching, as it has six chapters of less than thirty minutes each. A family takes some time off to enjoy their Christmas on an island called Armandso. But their arrival is not entirely friendly since a local recommends them to leave the area after having suffered a rather odd accident on the road. The family has rented a forest cabin from where, in the distance, a fenced area can be seen. Josephine, the family's youngest member, is intrigued by what they've seen, and she decides to escape at night to investigate her curiosity further. When she arrives at the fence, she finds a tiny, apparently injured elf. Little does she know that the island's inhabitants have deliberately constructed the perimeter fence to protect themselves from a vast group of monstrous creatures...

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Christmas Crossfire (Wir Können Nicht Anders - 2020)

Produced in Germany, here's another movie perfectly suitable for our dearest grinches. The story starts like your typical romantic teen comedy. But sooner, you may expect it turns into something completely different! It's Christmas Eve in some remote part of Germany, and Samuel starts a conversation with his bus seatmate Edda. After barely having exchanged a couple of words, magical chemistry develops. Samuel impulsively invites Edda to spend Christmas at his old childhood home. At the house, they discover that a group of criminals is about to murder a man in cold blood. Without thinking twice, Samuel and Edda decide to help the victim. This event arouses great fury among the executioners, and they are ready to do everything it takes to persecute Samuel and Edda fiercely. The story gradually becomes an extraordinary black comedy, with action scenes reminiscent of the infamous Coen brothers' films.

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