Connecting two computers with a USB cable.

July 2016

One of the simplest ways to connect two PCs is through a hardware USB cable, so you can cable transfers files between two PCs - it's a network which is formed to share connections. There are various USB-USB cables for sale. Choose the "bridged" one, also known as the "USB networking cable", which has an electronic circuit at the center for interconnection between two PCs. The other cable, known as A/A USB, has two standard USB connectors at each end, without a bridge chip that makes it useless to connect two PCs. As a matter of caution, it can burn the USB ports and the power supplies connected with the A/A cable. A/B USB cables connects only printers and canners . For a high-speed use, a USB 2.0 cable has a better transfer rate than a standard network connection, so it's usually preferred.

Connecting two computers with a USB cable

If you have to transfer large files from one PC to another, using a flash disk or burning a CD-ROM can seem like a waste of time. One wise way to transfer these files quickly between two computers would be to use a USB-USB cable.

What to choose?

To be able to make the transfer, you will need:
1. An Ethernet crossover cable
2. A null modem serial cable. If you don't have one, you can use a parallel peripheral cable.
3. And finally special-purpose USB cables.

How does it work?

The Ethernet network will allow you to transfer data between more than two PCs. One of the computers must have an Ethernet adapter, even if the others have a USB port as you can make use of the crossover cable. You can do this by plugging a USB-to-Ethernet converter device in the other computers that possess a USB port.

The cable that you should use to connect two PCs together is called a "USB networking cable". A tiny electronic circuit is used in the middle of the connection to allow the two PC to send data to one another. You should bear in mind that if you are using serial or parallel cables, you will not be able to transfer data between more than two computers. It is therefore recommended you use a Direct Cable Connection to be able to get the same specifications as an Ethernet cable.

You can make use of a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 bridge chip to enhance the speed of your transfer. You must also bear in mind that you need an Ethernet network that works at 100 Mps or more to ease your transfers.

What to do?

  • 1. Both computers should be switched on and logged in into the "Administrator" account.
  • 2. On the USB port computer, plug in the USB bridge to the USB slot and the end bridge in the other computer.
  • 3. You must now install the USB bridge cable driver software when you are asked to. Remember to install it as a link adapter or a network adapter.
  • 4. If you choose to install a link adapter, you will be allowed to transfer files from one PC to another but if you choose to install a network adapter, you will be able to access the whole network's PCs.
  • 5. When installation is complete, you should be able to start the data transfers between the computers connected.

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