Monitor Gets No Signal / Computer Won't Boot [Solved/Closed]

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Hey guys,
I've got a problem with my monitor/display and I hope it's not a sign of the mobo going bad. My computer all of a sudden decided to freeze up, and upon restart, the monitor won't get a signal, the light stays yellow. All the other components appear to be running fine, all fans spin, and the HDD appears to be running, there's just no display going to the monitor. I've tried two monitors on it and two different vid cards, I've unplugged and rearranged the RAM, and still nothing. Also, for some reason, when it starts up, the DVD drive keeps acting like it wants to spin, and just keeps clicking away. I'm completely stumped, and hopefully this isn't a sign of the mobo going bad. Any help would be great appreciated!
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Anonymous- Oct 14, 2012 04:29AM
You are awesome!
ollie :P- Oct 14, 2012 09:49AM
hi , I see you have good feed back, but do I turn of the moniter cord or the pc? can u do a step bystep please?
cyanix 1Posts Tuesday October 30, 2012Registration date October 30, 2012 Last seen - Oct 30, 2012 11:50AM
hello, I registered now just to tell you how much I love you man!
You solved my problem! Thankssssssss!!!!!!!!
msdana 1Posts Friday November 2, 2012Registration date November 2, 2012 Last seen - Nov 2, 2012 07:09PM
thank you thank you thank you so much! IT WORKED!
trishf 1Posts Monday November 12, 2012Registration date November 12, 2012 Last seen - Nov 12, 2012 02:59AM
Thanks heaps - this worked for me on my business desktop just now.
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You should start a new thread.

The first thing to rule out is overheating (CPU, motherboard, hard drive or power supply)
then I would check for bad memory (if you have two modules - swap them out for testing)
then I would test with another power supply
only after I have checked ALL of these would I think it was the Motherboard.

Good Luck
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I believe it is because the video card changed resolution. I had two displays, working removed one still working. Moved the computer and now no display works. I tried repair and getting into safe mode on Xp with no luck it goes straight to windows Xp and obtain a black screen instead of my desktop. The lcd monitor says no digital signal and turns off. I played with bios, tried clearing the cmos no luck. Is it time to move on? or look for and old school monitor? Also read online about not using a usb keyboard, but don't see how that helps, but will try.
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Nope the power on button trick didnt change anything :( cant even get the speaker to report a error beep, and this is 3rd PC i've seen this week with same issue
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See my explanation on how to troubleshoot the problem on the following thread : 27227 computer powers on but does not boot?#13
butthhole- Jan 26, 2009 04:12AM
yay this helped a whle lot dont put Cd in ya dvd drive put it in the original drive where ya normally play cds , my drive that was with comp had problems opening so ive always used my dvd drive hahah yay main disj drive makes it work TO BOOT FROM CD
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Laughed when I read your solution, but what the hell!, So I tryed it and it worked. Even at my age you learn something every day. ThanksXINY
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It does sound like a major problem.
Unplug the DVD drive and see if it will boot. you might get lucky.
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Plz Help ! I got an irq conflict blue screen error and while the pc was dumping info to memory it got stuck at 5%.Then I restarted the pc and the monitor wouldnt turn on.I also noticed that the HD 's wont boot or seem to work.Fans worked and lights were on but that was all.Also the turn off button wouldn't respond.I had no way to test the power supply and I ordered a tester and another psu.I took all parts out and left 1 HD and the mobo and still no luck.No signal to TV and no BOOT.I checked the mobo it doesnt look < BURNED > . My system
Intel Core 2 Duo E8600
Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2

If I still have the same problem while trying a new PSU how could I test the mobo with what ? To check if it's < BURNED > ? Thx
edwin- Mar 13, 2009 06:00AM
Hi,ihad that prablem my screen show blue and says Error and says you have toclean some memory but I toke my coputer to fix thay told me you have tochange hard driv and no way to fix.
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Hey everyone,
I had a really similar problem that I have only just solved.
My PC is still really new only about 2 months old and its a pretty decent rig.
It crashed and totally froze up for ages so I unplugged it and turned it back on again and lo and behold, lol, no power to any peripherals or any monitor output.
Anyway after a few days without it I plucked up the courage to reset the CMOS with a screwdriver and it worked fine, I went into the BIOS like the manual instructed and 'restored optimal settings' and it rebooted with no results so I re-set it again and instead of going to the bios hit F1 for a normal boot and it is fine now UNTIL!
I turn it off =/
And then I need to reset it again so I don't really know how to solve this problem...
Anyone got any ideas?
Thanks a lot :)
Atchzien- May 12, 2009 12:30AM
hey all just had a the EXACT same problem as the original poster states. my comp crashed during normal operation and upon restart it loads bios then goes straight to ... monitor going to sleep. after a thurough checkout of all attached devices and hardware, I decided to start disassembly, with the motherboard fully exposed I examined all circuit components. as a prior nuclear missile mechanic with us air force electronic principles training, I can sort of read a circuit card, while I cant claim to be able to decipher what the electricity is doing on its many paths and busses without a schematic... I can visually identify a bad circuit component if it is visibly detectable, the only anomoly I noted was that all my capacitors located around my cpu were bloated and there was a minute amount of orange residue on the tops of each one, 8 total, which screams bad capacitors to me and essentially makes sense, due that the bios are loaded through the cmos battery and not your standard 120vac -> power supply -> circut components -> cpu, so I ordered 10 6.3v 2200 microfarad discharge capacitors and de-soldered the blown ones, and am currently awaiting my new ones. once they arrive and I solder them in ill let you know if the problem is solved. total cost $5.95, the capacitors in question are electrolytic capacitors and look like little aluminum beer cans or batteries. so in the meantime examine your motherboaeds and check your capacitors, if they look the way I described they are most likely blown.
Atchzien- May 14, 2009 04:39AM
capacitors successfully soldered in, computer built back up, and system back to normal functioning order! that was all it took! so I urge you to check your capacitors read on the side of it to see voltage and capacitance measured in microfarads, order replacements off various onlie vendor, I used rubycon mbz's and have actually noticed a silight increase in processing speed, as opposed to my blown 5 year old nichicon hm(m)'s. steps to
de-soldering and soldering. are listed below.

step one: remove motherboard

soldering iron is very hot, use controlled movements
try your best to not slip off of target area and scorch current
pathways and innocent components and ic chips.

step two: heating from the backside of the printed circuit card apply the tip of the iron to the tip of the the first soldered in pin applying medium pressure while grasping capacitor from front side with a pair of pliers gently work the pin free; repeat for corresponding pins and capacitors untill all damaged capacitors are removed.

step three: apply soldering iron tip to solder filled hole to melt solder

step four: insert a small stiff piece of aluminum of copper wire to clear a hole, work in and out letting solder cool until a suitable hole is formed to facilitate installation of replacement capacitor mounting pins.

step five: install replacement capacitors with striped side facing the white side of mounting site on printed circuit card

step six: apply heat to pin base, then touch solder to tip of soldering iron transfering from the soldering iron to base of pin.

step seven: trim excess wire

step eight: reassemble computer
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Hi, I read this thread yesterday because I was having the same problem, my card is a 8800GT. Just in case the thread stays around and other people read it, I found that my graphics card had come loose when I moved house, all I did was push it back in and it boots fine now. Hope this helps someone!
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wow! removing the power cord really works! I wonder why it does work? Thanks!
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I just experienced the same problem with my HP Pavilion desktop this morning, I hadn't used it for a while because I was moving,and last time I used it, it worked fine, but when I plugged it in this morning, power came on, hdd spun, dvd had power, all fans spinning, but no monitor signal or boot up or beeps. It seemed as though the PC wasn't getting enough power to boot.
I thought something might have been knocked loose when it was moved, so I unplugged the hdd cables, video card and power cables to the motherboard quite a few times, checked the ram, though I didn't remove the ram, and took out the battery and then back in again, and I checked for dust but everything seems very clean. After a longwhile of fiddling around with all the connections, Eventually it just started fine for no good reason and went into windows, but then when I tried to restart it it just kept losing power and rebooting at the windows load up, turned it off and it wouldn't boot and no display again, all the time there were no beeps or funny noises. So I pulled one of the ram sticks out completely, started it and away it went, perfect, I tried turning it on an off a few times, and it continued to work well. So then I put the ram back in, and it reads both and it is currently still working fine, even after restarting a number of times. ??!
I can't be 100% sure, but it seems that the ram may have not been contacting properly, although it felt secure and was clipped in properly, others with this problem could try doing the same, and I did use an anti-static strap. It might be that the ram stick was not seated to the motherboard correctly. I thought it was odd as I thought it should have sent a beep code indicating the ram was at fault, but I think that my onboard speaker is not connected, also strange is it went fine with one of the two ram sticks removed, and then after putting it back in they both were reading and I tried turning in on and off again a few times and it seems to be working fine now.
However, I still have a a nagging thought that something other than the ram could have caused it, I am thinking if if one ram wasn't seated properly, it still should have booted up on the other one, as it did when I removed it. If it does the same thing again, I would then assume that the ram or the ram slot on the mb is bad, or the PSU is faulty and not providing enough power. And at the worst, the CPU is faulty or even worse than that the is the motherboard is at fault.
My best guess for now is that the ram was causing an error, and conflicting with the other ram, preventing the PC from booting, after removing it and then reseating it in the same place it removed the error or compatibility issue.
esssss- May 21, 2009 12:34AM
Update: Ok, now my PC starts every time, but last night it crashed while I was playing a game, the screen said no display briefly then the screen just went black and all's I could see is a blinking white line, I turned off the PC and on again, the PC started fine, I ran PC doctor, testing the ram, motherboard, and CPU, everything passed, then the computer crashed again, but this time it just froze, and I couldn't reboot, so I turned it off and went to bed. Today it booted into windows fine, started PCdoctor and after I scanned the hard drive, I left it idle for a few minutes and the screen went black, no blicking line or nothing, but it did not try to reboot, it just crashed. I then restarted windows and ran PC doctor again, stress tested CPU, HDD, video adapter, video card, and memory, no faults again, didn't crash, the hard drive needs defrag, so that has been running for an hour or so now, and it hasn't crashed yet. I also made sure all the power saving settings were off, which they were. Seems to be some intermittant fault somewhere. I can't go online with it though, it just crashes when you go online, I use the laptop for that. The ram chips are the same type, but not the same brand, when I do the memory scan, it gives me all the information about one ram chip, but nothing about the other except it's capacity, I have two 512MB sticks. I'll try updating the bios and a few other things, then if nothing changes I will get some flux cleaner and try cleaning the contacts of the memory slots and sticks, then if that doesn't work, buy new ram, and try that on it's own, I might also try getting a new PSU too, I have read somewhere that the power supply can also cause faults like this if it's underpowered or faulty.
esssss- May 25, 2009 10:14PM
UPDATE 2 (RESOLVED?): Well been playing on the PC for many hours now over the past few days, and it hasn't had problems since. The hdd was very fragged, so removed some software like anti-virus and a few games and large files, then ran a clean-up and lastly a defrag of the master hdd (seagate 200 GB SATA)..... it was pretty fragged, it took around four hours to sort out, but seems to be going a bit faster now, most importantly no freezes or crashes so far. :D
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I had the same problem recently where there was no signal to the monitor but everything seemed to be running. I purchased a new video card and was not the problem. I tried the other tricks mentioned here like pulling the power cord and holding the start button, swapping ram but no luck. I finally pulled the battery from the BIOS and viola, it started. Question is; does that mean the battery is getting weak and needs to be changed? I guess if the problem persists I'll try that.

Thanks for the posts.
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Yea, well my computer has something of the same issue. my dad was tinkering with it, and when I tried turning it on after the moniter just said no signal'. Im not sure if this helps, but my mouse light doesnt show, nor does my keyboard light, even thought they are both plugged in. ive tried 2 different moniters and 2 different mouses. Im not sure and im really stuck.
xpcman 15151Posts Wednesday October 8, 2008Registration date ModeratorStatus July 27, 2016 Last seen - Sep 16, 2009 05:08PM
It looks like the power supply is dead if you have no lights.
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I tried kareem's suggestion unplugged power cord and held down power button for 1 minute and there was a signal again! Thanks so much! I tried holding down power button for 30 seconds but that didn't work.
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I have the same problem with my Dell computer "computer all of a sudden decided to freeze up, and upon restart, the monitor won't get a signal, the light stays yellow". And I will try Kareem's way to see if it is working. Thanks !
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To All,

I experienced same problem months ago. Yes I did the Power Cord thing and some times it worked for me. Also I used safe mode to be able to get video and this I did type by memory since I was not able to see at the time I was booting. What finally solved my situation for ever was to go back to the original driver of the video card (ATI HD4870) by installing it from the safe mode in Windows Vista. Month later I got a later version of the driver, even newer than the first updgrade I had for it. Never had problems back. Also I was always suspicious about Windows update since some times after doing a system recovery the problem was not happening for a while but this is pure speculation.

By the way the future is LINUX. Keep that in mind, that day all of these problems will go away.
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today morning when I woke up and turned on my PC ( AMD 3500+ w NVidia 6800GSold sturdy for the last 3 yrs)
the monitor didnt get turned on because of no signal.
i restarted and heard no RAM beep.
took the RAM out of the MOBO turned on again.. heard the beeps - signal that MOBO isnt smoked. so luckily checked this forum on my iPhone.
last nite I had kicked the CPU accidentally and the mouse came loose. So I hastily put it back in the keyboard socket. ( I use USB keyboard so the KeyBoard socket was empty)

Today after the problem. I tried the Pressing power button without the power cord trick but it didnt work
then I remembered that only the KB and mouse have to be plugged in so I removed the USB KB and put the normal one in and found out the mistake with the MOuse socket
so I put them both where they should be and VOILA it worked. im typing from my PC now :) THANKS OP
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Thank you so much. You literally just made my life. I love you.
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Had the same problem. Online and all of a sudden the monitor goes black and tells me to check the video cable. Checked cables, all connections, unplugged and reset using the power button NOTHING. Switched out the video card and WHAM problem solved. However my victory was short lived. I changed the video card last night and this morning same thing happened, all of a sudden black screen. I had one more video card which is what I'm using right now. But if the problem is with the mother board then its going to short out this card too. So if anyone knows anything as to what might be causing this please help. I checked all the previous responses and looked for all of the signs of a busted mother board but it looks all good. Any other suggestions?
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