PC wont post / stuck in blackscreen after BIOS Update [Solved/Closed]

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I built a new System yesterday and after I finally was done building everything seemed to worke fine.

When I tried to use the front USB 3.0 ports, my USB stick would not be recognized (it was in the USB 2 port).
I thought it might be a BIOS issue, so I got the newest BIOS (version 2.3) for my ASROCK FM2A78M Pro 4+ and updated it using their windows tool.
It seemed to flash just fine and said, that it successfully updated.
Then it shut down and when it turned on again the following happened.

The fans start spinning, you can hear the usuall "noise" of a PC booting and then all the noise stops and the only thing that remains are the spinning fans.

Here is what I have tried so far and I am really out of ideas:

(all with the power cord pulled out)

i) turn it off and on again

ii) Use the jumper to clear CMOS

iii) use the jumper to clear CMOS, remove the battery for a minute and press the power button for 15 sec to unload any capacitors

iiii) remove the battery for 1h and press the power button for 15 sec to unload any capacitors

iiiii) remove all Ram to see if I get any audio error => nothing

I would be super happy, if oyu guys could help me.

Here is the setup:

ASRock FM2A78M Pro4+
8GB (2x 4096MB) G.Skill SNIPER DDR3-2133
AMD A10 Series 7850K
EKL Ben Nevis Tower cooler
250GB Samsung 850 Evo
bequiet L8 350W

Windows 10 home premium

thank you in advance and have a good day
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Thank you for your advice xpcman.
I read, that it is a very bad sign, if I heare no error code, when I try to post wihtout any memory, and that the board is probably unusable even with a new bios chip. Do you agree?
Can you guess how likely it is that a new BIOS chip will do the trick?

Thank you very much for your help
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xpcman 17747Posts Wednesday October 8, 2008Registration date ModeratorStatus October 20, 2017 Last seen - Jan 22, 2016 at 12:11 PM
Probably only a 50 percent chance. If it was me I would replace the motherboard since it will take weeks to find a BIOS replacement and cost half of what a new one will.

Good Luck
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Thank you very much for your answers.

I contacted my retailer and they agreed to check it and send me a new one if the old one doesn't work with them.
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This is a classic example of a failed BIOS update. I would contact ASRock to obtain a new correctly programmed BIOS chip.

Good Luck

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