Help me to fix my Asus laptop blank screen [Solved/Closed]

Ask a question Waniey - Last answered on Apr 4, 2016 at 10:02 AM by KY_WD
Hello, can anyone help me? I use Asus Eee pc X101H. Somehow my laptop screen when black after letting it on stanby. When I tried to on it, the screen went completely blank and only the blue light are on. Before it happend, I had connected a virus hard disk. And the night before it happend, the windows had some installation update. So I couldn't figure out which one is causing this problem. I have tried uplug, remove battery, hold on power button and restart but it doesnt seem to work. Few times I try to turn it on by letting it for 10 mintues then shut it down and it start working but now it won't! Please help me.

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Hello Waniey,

In situations like this it's recommended connecting the laptop to an external monitor to see will there be any video signal going out from the laptop. If it does go out, then there's a need for LCD inverter replacement. Can you hear the fan of the laptop spinning? If you do and there's nothing showing either on external monitor nor display, but the fans are still working, the problem that you have may be due to the failure of the video chip. Sometimes, after much of a use and less cooling the graphics processor which is responsible for video signal transmission get unsolders, the thermic paste goes away and it gets unsoldered, therefore the screen doesn't show anything. If you possess knowledge of notebooks' hardware you can change the paste yourself by opening the laptop and check if the chipset that is next to the processor has got unsoldered or you can bring your laptop to a technician to get it soldered again.

Hope this helps.
Waniey- Mar 18, 2016 at 12:59 PM
Hi, thankyou for your time reply my mail. A miracle happend to my laptop. My laptop suddenly turn on and after that, I made some changes in system bios and now my laptop can power on normally. The blank screen was due to incompatibility software. Anyway. Thankyou for you tips :)
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I'm glad that everything's ok now! :)

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