Why did Tinder delete and keep removing my bio? What to do?

Why did Tinder delete and keep removing my bio? What to do?

Your bio on Tinder suddenly disappeared, and you received a message from the platform that it violates its Community Guidelines. Here we'll show you how to update the text on your profile so that it doesn't get deleted again.

Why was my bio removed?

The Tinder user profile allows you to publish, in addition to photos, hobbies, goals, favorite music tracks and photos from Instagram, a fairly detailed biography text. Many consider this text important because it allows a person to reveal his personality and tell more about the purpose of his being in this dating application. And so you came up with and wrote a beautiful text in which you tried to tell about yourself as best as possible and ... one day you found that this text had disappeared, and you received a message from the platform with the following text: "We removed your bio because it contained personal details like a social handle, phone number or email. This type of information isn't allowed in your profile."

The fact is that since May 2023, Tinder has updated its Community Guidelines and began to check the bios of its users in an effort to counteract the use of the application for business and social promotion purposes. It can be assumed that checking biographies for the presence of social descriptors is carried out automatically by a machine, which reads and interprets texts by keywords, combinations of words, etc.

So, the system considered your bio to be inconsistent with the rules and removed it, but you think that there was nothing wrong in it? Would you like to write about it in a message to the application support team? Let's say right away that this is useless, since Tinder's decisions are not subject to appeal and discussion, and that the dating network reserves the right not to enter into the details of your case, even if you ask about it.

How do I post my bio without it getting deleted again?

What to do, and how to restore your bio? There is another problem here as well. If you try to enter your profile, write the text again and save it, then most likely after closing and reopening the application this bio will not be saved and you will again encounter a blank field instead of text... Don't worry, there is a solution and below we will give you the steps to re-post your bio on your profile. To properly re-enter your bio, try the following steps:

  • Log out of the application and log in again. To do this, go to Application Settings, scroll down and click Sign Out.
  • Now enter the text of your biography. To do this, tap the gear icon, select View profile and click Edit. Write the bio text in the appropriate field and save the updated profile by clicking on the exit arrow.
  • Log out of the application again and log in.
  • Check your bio. The text should remain in your profile.

Obviously, avoid promoting your business activities in the app. And now the most important thing! Even if you think that your old bio that was deleted does not contain any of your social handle information, you should not enter exactly the same text again, as it will most likely be deleted again. Try to edit and paraphrase your bio in such a way as to exclude words that could be regarded as markers of your social handle.

Be respectful of your interlocutors

It is also important not to forget that the Community Guidelines of the application imply respect for the privacy of the interlocutors and categorically prohibit users from publishing on the Internet, including other platforms and social networks, their personal conversations with their matches. In other words, Tinder conversations are private content that is only for the members of the in-app chat.

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