How to make an Oscars pool: online, for free

How to make an Oscars pool: online, for free

The Oscars, also known as The Academy Awards, is one of the most influential cinematic awards ceremonies in the world. If you enjoy watching the Oscars, you can make the event even more fun by organizing an Oscars pool with your friends. Read on to learn how to do it.

What is the Oscars pool?

An Oscars pool is a fun game where you and your friends can bet on the winners of each category in the prestigious award ceremony. You can organize it either offline, using ballot cards and written responses, or digitally with the help of betting sites. Our solution offers a "handmade" online Oscars pool that is completely free, allowing everyone to enjoy it together at an Oscars party while watching the ceremony, or virtually from the comfort of their homes. Here's how to organize an Oscars pool.

How to organize an Oscars pool?

You have two options: use specific apps and websites (like, RunYourPool) to submit your guesses, or create a DIY version for free.

  • Use free online survey forms, like Google Forms, Typeform, or Survey Monkey, and create a survey.
  • Choose a free template and create questions for each Oscars category with multiple-choice answers. Customize your ballot and assign various point values to each category based on its importance (for example, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director can have the highest value).
  • Organize a group chat with friends who want to participate and decide on the amount of money each person will contribute to participate. This way, the winnings can be interesting, but the cost of participation will remain reasonable.
  • Once you've built the ballot, send the link to the group chat with your friends who are participating in the pool. You can then watch the ceremony together or check the results when the ceremony is over.
  • Plan ahead for a money transfer app you will use to facilitate the transfers once the ceremony is over and all the results are in.
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