Apps to test your matches: compatibility, love games (2023)

Apps to test your matches: compatibility, love games (2023)

You are on a date, everything is going just great and you want to know the future with your match or just have fun playing a game? Then this selection of apps to check your compatibility and love games is for you.

Personalized apps

If you want to take a more serious approach to determining compatibility, then the most acceptable option is astrology  applications. Firstly, unlike the love games, they offer personalized content, and some of them even provide individual consultations, however, you will have to pay for them. And secondly, even if you don't believe in astrology, analyzing your personality traits will help you better understand your relationships and better understand yourself. After all, very often we ourselves are the cause of our failures in relationships.

The Pattern


This application is the closest to a social network and dating service as it offers these elements among its functions. Your path to unraveling the path destined by the stars begins with registering and filling out a questionnaire and entering your data and your potential partner. Based on your date of birth and other parameters, the service's algorithm will give you a picture of the prospects for a possible relationship and your personal growth, and will also provide daily advice. We recommend trying the free version first, and if you like it, you can upgrade to the updated version for $20 quarterly.

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Android, iOS

This application is quite bold in interpreting your life situation, which, however, does not scare off several million of its users. The temptation to receive fortune telling is very great! The artificial intelligence of the service will do everything possible to give you an analysis of your nature and life based on the information you provide. And if your potential match also registers on the app, you can match your astrological chart with the traits of their sign. More personalized options, such as natal charts, are available for an additional fee.

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Chaturanga Astrology

Android, iOS

Chaturanga Astrology is the app that offers the most personalized consultation options for your compatibility and relationship prospects. After your first free question, each new question will cost you a $5 in-app purchase and will be answered by your live expert. You can also use the app's basic features for free, but you'll soon be tempted to ask questions...

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If you want to know about other astrology apps, check out our article on the best astrology apps.

Love test games

In app stores you will find dozens of apps with names like "Love Tester" or "Compatibility Calculator", and they all look similar to each other. These are entertaining simple games, some with additional content such as useful tips, beautiful dedications, love message templates and stickers. All of them state that they are for entertainment purposes only and do not in any way provide a calculation of actual compatibility.

Love test


Just enter your name and the name of your lover, click on the button and you will get your compatibility percentage. That's all, you ask? Yes, that's it, although no, while you are carrying out this procedure you will receive a large amount of advertising. Here you will also find tips and wise sayings on different situations and topics such as Crush, Engagement Wishes, MSG Broken Heart, Baby Wishes and others in the same spirit.

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Love Test Compatibility Rating


Love Test Compatibility Rating is a similar application to the above, but for Apple mobile devices. You can share the results of your searches on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. In addition, the application offers a ton of cute stickers for sharing in iMessage.

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Love Test Compatibility


Love Test Compatibility  is a free app that asks you to take a love test to find out your compatibility with your partner. In addition to this love tester, you will also find other tests such as the friendship test and the jealousy test, as well as full articles with tips on true love and relationships. You'll need to answer simple questions about yourself and your date, but again, don't take the app's advice too seriously.

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