How to clear history on FileZilla

How to clear history on FileZilla

Filezilla is a useful software designed mostly for webmasters to transfer large amounts of files on the internet, especially FTP files. In this article, you will learn how to clear history on Filezilla to free up your storage space and speed up your computer's functionality.

What is FileZilla used for?

Filezilla is a powerful and well-known free service designed to easily transfer files over the Internet. It is a cross-platform FTP client and it is free. Filezilla is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and is widely used among webmasters and developers.

How to clear history on Filezilla?

To clear the usage history of FileZilla:

1) Open FileZilla and click on the Edit menu.

2) Choose Clear Private Data.

3) In the new dialog box, check mark the categories you’d like to clear: Quickconnect history, Reconnect information, Site Manager entries, Transfer queue.

4) Finally, click OK to validate.