Top free apps for Mac: productivity, writing, etc.

Top free apps for Mac: productivity, writing, etc.

There are plenty of useful apps and programs pre-installed on your Mac. However, there are still some apps that you might find helpful in your work or hobbies. Read on to discover more about apps that will help you with productivity, digital cleanliness, mental well-being, measure your laptop health and productivity, and much more.


Watch videos simultaneously

This app lets you use any HTML5 video in picture-in-picture mode. This could be more than handy when watching a YouTube video and searching for something on the web, for example. You can download Pipifier here.


Keeps an eye on your battery

This free app allows you to measure your Apple laptop's battery life and view its essential metrics. You can view how many charging cycles it lived through in real-time and how fast it is degrading, so you can decide whether it's time to change it. Download CoconutBattery here.


Write down your notes

This app comes in handy if you are looking for a simple text editor where you can write down your notes. You can encrypt, synchronize, organize notes with tags, add sketches, and export them in various formats. Download Bear here.

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Helps to quit apps automatically

Quitter automatically hides or quits apps after periods of inactivity. It can be helpful if you want to minimize distractions from social media, news, or YouTube and improve your work productivity, for example. Download Quitter for free here.


Checks your Mac performance

The cat runs at the speed of your CPU performance in the Mac's menu bar. You can see how much the current CPU usage is by looking at the cat's running and deciding whether to lower the load or continue with it as it is. Download RunCat here.  


Uninstalls apps that are hard to uninstall

Sometimes, even after the uninstallation process, the app still appears somewhere on your Mac. AppCleaner helps uninstall unwanted apps and clean all additional files left after the app. Download AppCleaner here. 


Manages multiple monitors

The Amphetamine app sets the monitors to turn off and sleep automatically after use. It can come in handy if you work with multiple monitors and want to configure each one separately. You can download Amphetamine here.


For brainstorms and mind mapping

Create your nodes, capture your thoughts, add tags and images, and organize your ideas with MindNode. You can sync the Mac version and the iOS one to access your mind map from anywhere, anytime. Download MindNode here.

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