Browsing CCM is a website dedicated to the world of high tech and is, above all, a community of help with IT issues. On this website, you can find how-tos, downloads, forums, and news. This article will introduce you to the website's features and will walk you through how to browse on the website and find the information that you are looking for.

The site is structured around a home page that proposes how-to articles and forums classified by category. By clicking on one of the categories in the header menu, you can view the various tabs, divided by topic:

Once you open an article, you can continue reading other topics simply by using the navigation arrow at the end of the article to browse the archive:

The search by keyword or by topic feature makes it easy for you to locate guides or articles in the Encyclopedia, Downloads, and News sections as well as in the Forum.

Looking for Information

Users looking for specific information can use the internal search engine in the top-right corner of the website's interface, which allows you to search all of the news and how-to articles as well as forum posts:

For example, the search for the word Video will return all of the articles related to or mentioning the topic:

Downloading Software

There are over 9,000 programs and applications available for download on CCM. You can access them by clicking the Download button in the menu at the top of each page of the website:

From there, you can filter the results by category by clicking the drop-down menu next to All categories:

Your filtering options include Audio, Development, Graphics, Internet, Video Games, and more.

To save time and if you already know all about the software that you are looking for, you can choose to download your software directly from the results list without opening its dedicated download page. To do this, click the large, green Download button just below the software's image:

Browsing the Encyclopedia

CCM has established a developed collection of articles that explain in detail various concepts in the world of high-tech. You can access these articles in the Encyclopedia section of the website by clicking the link in the top menu of each page of the website:

From this page, you can filter your results using categories like Beginners, CCM, IT Pro, Webmastering, and more. To do so, simply click the drop-down menu next to All categories:

Accessing How-To Articles

CCM's how-to articles have been created and maintained to provide you with very clear, step-by-step instructions on how to complete various tasks and manipulations using your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

You can access these articles by clicking the How To link in the menu at the top of each page of the website:

Once in the category, you can filter your article results using subcategories such as Internet, Mobile, Security, Myths and legends, and more. To do so, click the drop-down menu next to All categories:

Using the Forum

If you can't find what you are looking for by searching on the website, you can post your problem on the community Forum and wait for one of the users or administrators to answer.

You can access the forum by clicking the Forum link in the menu at the top of each page of the website:

For information on how to post on the Forum, please refer to our forum User Guide.

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