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Welcome to CCM! We are the number one tech website in France ( Every day, millions of users around the world read our news, tips, reviews on downloads and participate in our forums. CCM stands for Comment Ça Marche, or "How It Works" in French, and we are here to show you just that.

CCM runs on the spirit of sharing. That’s why you can find comprehensive content on all things high-tech in 11 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hindi, Indonesian, and Russian. You can also find multilingual content on health and legal issues. CCM content is under the supervision of a professional team of international editors.

CCM is a website of the French Figaro CCM Benchmark Group.

Editorial Team

Jean-François Pillou - Founder of CCM
Better known as Jeff, Jean-François Pillou is the founder of He is also CEO of CCM Benchmark and digital director at the Figaro Group.


CCM International

Dana Elfenbaum - Editor-in-Chief

After studying Philosophy and Cinema in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dana came across the publishing world working in Berlin and Paris on numerous research projects.

For her, the passion for technology and cinema, music, photography, plastic arts and literature have always gone hand in hand.
Thanks to her experiences in different fields and her international background, she is used to working in several languages.

At CCM, Dana is in charge of all international editions, including CCM News, CCM High-Tech, CCM Health, CCM Recht & Finanzen, A Revista da Muhler and Magazine delle donne, coordinating a team of journalists, editors, content producers and translators at CCM International.

Contact: - US/UK

David Webb - Content Editor, Translator & Community Manager

Born in the UK, David now lives in the French Alps. He is passionate about the outdoors and is interested in how tech can be used to promote healthy lifestyles and improve quality of life. When he’s not working he’s probably cycling, hiking or cooking!

Natalia Kudryavtseva - Content Editor & Translator

Originally from Moscow, Natalia studied international journalism and cultural management. She is interested in the history of technology, and how it is closely intertwined with other disciplines, such as art, psychology and social sciences.

Elena Keracheva - Content Editor & Community Manager

Born in Bulgaria, Elena is currently living in France. She’s a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist and is always fighting the stigma surrounding mental health. Passionate about retro horror movies and video games, Elena’s a hobby writer in her free time.

CCM en Español

José Bautista - Content Producer
José is a Spanish journalist always looking for the latest technology news and the best tricks to improve the way we use new applications and gadgets.

Andrea Olea - Content Producer
Andrea is a journalist and content writer for CCM Spanish. She loves to explore the possibilities of new technologies as a way of making our lives easier. Learning every day.

Carlos López Jurado - Editor & Community Manager
Architect by day and geek by night, Carlos loves to search and solve computer problems. In CCM he moderates the forums and shares tricks that make new technologies more accessible to everyone.

Laura García - Content Editor & Community Manager
Laura is a journalist specializing in health, science and technology. From Mexico City, she edits content and manages CCM's social networks in Spanish.

Clahire Ruiz - Content Editor & Translator

As a professional in Modern Languages, Clahire came to Paris to pursue her studies in Intercultural Management. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, she is a content writer for CCM in Spanish. She's passionate about music and is interested in getting the most out of everyday technology to share it and somehow make others' lives easier.

Irene Burn - Technical Support & Copywriter

Irene is an Electronic Engineer with an interest in computer science, electronics and telecommunications. This, combined with her knowledge of different programming languages, allows her to design simple solutions to complex problems. Passionate about music, cinema, painting and video games, at CCM she provides technical support and works as a copywriter.

CCM Brasil

Bruna de França – Editor-in-Chief CCM Brasil and CCM Saúde
Born in Sao Paulo, Bruna is the head of the Portuguese editions of CCM. She supervises the content production of CCM Brasil and CCM Saúde. Bruna joined CCM Benchmark in 2015 and is currently based in Paris.

Ana Spadari - Translator & Social Media Manager
Ana loves to be up-to-date on every subject: art, new technologies, and much more. As a result of this curiosity, she not only moderates the CCM Brasil forum, but also CCM Brasil's social media. She also translates and adapts how-tos.

Pedro Muxfeldt - Content Editor CCM Brasil & CCM Saúde
Pedro is a journalist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Having joined CCM in 2015, he supervises CCM Brasil and CCM Saúde, the two CCM editions in Portuguese.

Natali Chiconi - Digital Content Producer
As a Brazilian, Natali loves going to the beach and dancing, as well as eating a good "feijoada". She is also a fitness fanatic and enjoys swimming, running, watching movies, and writing for CCM Saúde.


CCM Italia

Antonello Ciccarello - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Antonello is an Italian journalist. He oversees the News section and social media for CCM Italia. He also loves music, technology, and the net.

Claudia Scarciolla - Content Editor
Claudia is a translator and web editor of the Italian version of CCM. She loves building bridges between different cultures, so she never stops travelling and learning foreign languages. At CCM she is also in charge of the "Downloads" section and moderating the forum.

CCM Deutschland

Silke Grasreiner - Editor-in-Chief CCM Deutschland, CCM Gesundheit und CCM Recht & Finanzen
With a masters degree in political science and as a journalist Silke edited and led news for many years at public service TV broadcasters in Germany and France, including as duty editor at Deutsche Welle TV.
Silke oversees the three German editions of CCM.

CCM France

Félix Marciano - Editor-in-Chief CCM France

Following his engineering studies, Félix became a high school maths teacher, before concentrating on a career in journalism. Passionate about music, he has also collaborated with numerous technology magazines, including Macworld, Le Monde Informatique, Micro Hebdo, and many more.

Hervé Didier - News Producer
As a professor at France's EDHEC Business School, Hervé analyzes key digital technology figures, which he leverages for articles that he publishes on CCM.

Benjamin Walewski - News Producer
Working in editorial and on the web since 2008, Benjamin covers high tech news for CCM. A fan of video games and home cooked meals, he is also a hobby gardener and an occasional DJ.

CCM Nederland

Bob Dijks - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Back in the early 90s, Bob fell in love with the high tech world from the first time his family purchased a PC. More than twenty years later, he is a passionate content writer at CCM Nederland. Bob holds a degree in Communication, and is very fond of travelling, video games, and basketball.

CCM Polska & CCM Russia

Maxim Silva-Vega - Content Editor
Maxim has lived in Poland, Germany, Russia and Spain. He has taught at the State University of Moscow and worked as a journalist and cultural manager. He is now a Content Editor for CCM Poland and CCM Russia, where he is in charge of the How-To and Downloads sections. Maxim's other interests are history and urbanism.

Natalia Torzhanova - Content Producer & Social Media Manager
Natalia is a philologist. For more than ten years, she has worked as an interpreter, editor, copywriter, and author. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, she likes learning foreign languages and travelling. She publishes Tips and Downloads for CCM Russia, where she also manages Social Media and the Forum.

CCM Hindi

Ratnendra Ashok - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Ratnendra has been active in the online media industry for seven years and has worked for major national and international media companies. He writes news stories about technology and creates Downloads for CCM Hindi.

Swarnkanta - Content Producer & Social Media Manager
Swarnkanta is a journalist. She has worked for BBC World Service and many online media companies. She has also translated several books from English into Hindi. She has been a Content Producer and Editor for CCM Hindi since 2015.

CCM Indonesia

Annelis Putri - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
As a start-up and digital enthusiast, Annelis is a strategic and digital consultant. She joined the CCM international team in February 2016 and is a Content Editor and Social Media Manager for CCM Indonesia.

Kholid Rafsanjani - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Kholid is a digital content producer and news reporter based in Indonesia. He is interested in high tech issues, internet security, open source, and web development. He oversees the News section of CCM Indonesia as well as its Social Media.

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