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We are France's number one tech website ( Every day, millions of users around the world read our news, tips, reviews on downloads, and participate in our forums.

At CCM, you can also find comprehensive content on high-tech, health, and legal issues in more than 10 languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Hindi, and Russian.

CCM is a website of France's Figaro CCM Benchmark Group.

Who we are

Jean-François Pillou - Founder of CCM
Better known as Jeff, Jean-François Pillou is the founder of He is also CEO of CCM Benchmark and digital director at the Figaro Group.

Israel Ayala - Editor-in-Chief
Israel oversees all the international editions of CCM, including CCM News, CCM High Tech, CCM Health, and CCM Recht & Finanzen. At CCM International, he also coordinates a global team of journalists, content producers, and translators.

Paul Rubens - News Content Producer
Paul has been a technology news reporter for over ten years and is a tech addict. He is also a keen cyclist and an internationally ranked competitive pinball player. He covers high-tech issues for CCM.

Zara Ali - News Content Producer
As a kid of the 90s, Zara has witnessed the evolution of technology — from landlines to smartphones. She loves trying out new gadgets and writing about them for CCM.

Daniel Telele - Social Media Editor
Now an expat in Paris, Daniel has spent the majority of his professional life living and working in marketing between New York City and Washington D.C. He is currently the Social Media editor for CCM High Tech and is also an avid biker and swimmer.

Olivia Wilson - Content & Social Media Editor
Hailing from New York City, Olivia splits her time between editing and writing. In her free time, she enjoys photography, literature, and traveling. At CCM, she edits content at CCM High Tech and CCM Health.

CCM en Español

José Bautista - News Content Producer
José is a Spanish journalist hunting the latest news on technology and health around the world. He publishes both for CCM en Español and CCM Salud.

Laura García - Content & Social Media Editor
Based in Mexico City, Laura is a journalist in the fields of Health, Science, and Technology. At CCM, she publishes and manages social media for both CCM en Español and CCM Salud.

Zandra Rivera - Forum Community Manager
Zandra likes helping the community and guiding them to find the right answers to their questions. Her passion for helping others has led her to moderate the CCM en Español and CCM Salud forums.

Carlos Villagómez - How-To's Producer
For almost ten years, Carlos has written for CCM en Español, where he is in charge of the How To section. He is passionate about technology and gadgets, and is amazed by how they impact our day-to-day life.

César Villagómez - How-To's Producer
César likes PCs and smartphones. From Lima, Peru, he writes How Tos for CCM en Español.

Dr. Marta Marnet - Medical Coordinator CCM Salud
As a physician, Marta has gained experience at the Red Cross Hospital in Barcelona and at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. She oversees medical content and the forum for CCM Salud, CCM's health website published in Spanish.

CCM Brasil

Pedro Muxfeldt - Content Editor CCM Brasil & CCM Saúde
Pedro is a journalist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Having joined CCM in 2015, he supervises CCM Brasil and CCM Saúde, the two CCM editions in Portuguese.

Ana Spadari - Translator & Social Media Manager
Ana loves to be up-to-date on every subject: art, new technologies, and much more. Because of this curiosity, she not only moderates the CCM Brasil forum, but also CCM Brasil's social media. She also translates and adapts How Tos.

Lucia Maurity y Nouria - Content Translator & Moderator
Lucia is Brazilian. She is also a teacher and forum moderator for CCM Brasil. For more than eight years she has helped CCM members find answers to their high-tech questions. Lucia also loves traveling and watching movies.

Natali Chiconi - Digital Content Producer
As a good Brazilian, Natali loves going to the beach and dancing, as well as eating a good "feijoada." She is also a fitness fanatic and enjoys swimming, running, watching movies, and writing for CCM Saúde.

CCM Italia

Antonello Ciccarello - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Antonello is an Italian journalist. He oversees the News section and social media for CCM Italia. He also loves music, technology, and the net.

Claudia Scarciolla – Content Producer
Claudia is in charge of writing How Tos for CCM Italia. She likes translation, video-editing, and web design. At CCM Italia, she is also in charge of the Download section.

Noureddine Bouzidi - Community Manager
Noureddine loves technology and even remembers when he started using Windows 98. As Community Manager for CCM Italia, he helps members get answers to their questions.

Anna Paola Bellini - Content Producer
Anna is a lover of health, good cuisine, and arts. She writes for CCM Salute, the Italian health edition of CCM.

CCM Deutschland

Silke Grasreiner - Head of German Content
After years of editing and leading news for public TV stations in France and Germany, Silke oversees the three German editions of CCM: CCM Deutschland, CCM Gesundheit, and CCM Recht & Finanzen.

Haykel Jouini - Content Producer CCM Deutschland
Haykel has a degree in Languages, Civilizations, and German Literature. Fascinated by mobile technology, he feeds the News, How Tos, and Downloads for CCM Deutschland.

Julia Florian - Content Producer CCM Recht & Finanzen
Julia writes tips for CCM Recht & Finanzen, the legal site of CCM in German. Protecting the environment is one of her passions, as well as contemplating mountain landscapes.

Dr. Theresia Blattmann - Medical Coordinator CCM Gesundheit
Dr. Blattman is a medical journalist with expertise in internal medicine and gastroenterology/hepatology. Her aim is to put in practice the benefits of medicine to improve peoples' lives. She oversees the medical contents for CCM Gesundheit, the German health website of CCM.

CCM Polska

Karolina Gujda - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Karolina is an online journalist and editor with masters degrees in Psychology and Journalism. She enjoys travel, an active lifestyle, and cuisine. She joined CCM in 2014, where she is in charge of the contents of CCM Polska, the Polish high-tech edition of CCM.

Anna Dobrzyńska - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
As a journalist, Anna has been an editor for major Polish publications. She is also a beauty blogger and vlogger. She joined CCM in 2016 to develop CCM Polska where she covers News, How Tos, and CCM Polska's social networks.

CCM Nederland

Bob Dijks - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Back in the early 90s, Bob fell in love with the high-tech world from the first time his family purchased a PC. More than twenty years later, he is a passionate content writer at CCM Nederland. Bob holds a degree in Communication, and is very fond of travelling, video games, and basketball.

Roel Blomsma - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Languages and technology are Roel's passions. He considers himself blessed to be able to combine these two areas professionally, reading and writing about topics such as Artificial Intelligence and new gadgets every day. He is a content writer at CCM Nederland.

CCM Hindi

Ratnendra Ashok - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Active in India's online media industry for over seven years, Ratnendra has worked with major national and international publications. He writes high-tech news and software downloads for CCM Hindi.

Swarnkanta - Content Producer & Social Media Manager
Swarnkanta is a journalist. She has worked with BBC World Service and many online media ventures and has translated several books from English to Hindi. Since 2015, she has been a content producer and editor for CCM Hindi.

CCM Indonesia

Annelis Putri - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
As a start-up and digital enthusiast, Annelis is a strategic and digital consultant. She joined the CCM international team in February 2016, and is a Content Editor and Social Media Manager for CCM Indonesia.

Kholid Rafsanjani - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Kholid is a digital content producer and news reporter based in Indonesia. He is interested in high-tech issues, internet security, open source, and web development. He oversees the News section of CCM Indonesia, as well as Social Media.

CCM Russia

Aydan Mammadova - Content Editor & Social Media Manager
Aydan studied and grew up in Russia. She was a former editor-in-chief in Azerbaijan. Now she edits and produces content for CCM Russia, the Russian edition of CCM. She also loves literature and films.

Maxim Silva-Vega - Content Editor
Maxim has lived in Russia and Spain. He used to teach at the State University of Moscow and work as a journalist. He is now a Content Editor for CCM Russia, where he is in charge of the How To and Downloads sections.

Natalia Torzhanova - Content Producer & Social Media Manager
Natalia is a philologist. For more than ten years, she has worked as an interpreter, editor, copywriter, and author. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, she likes learning foreign languages and traveling. She publishes Tips and Downloads for CCM Russia, where she also manages Social Media and the Forum.


Laura Viera - Photo Editor
Laura is a photojournalist who also loves art. She is in charge of photo and graphic editing for CCM.

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