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A really good app for video calls between colleagues, but also between friends as you can see multiple users screens simultaneously with ease. With more and more people working from home, this can help to facilitate long distance connections.

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Monday November 25, 2019
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October 7, 2021

Zoom (also known as Zoom Cloud Meetings) is a cross platform, cloud video conferencing tool. It allows users to remotely connect via PC or phone and participate in video conferences, webinars, online teaching courses and more. Whilst Zoom is designed with businesses in mind, this is actually a very good app for group video calls between friends, as you are able to see multiple users at the same time.

Key Features

  • Video Conferences
  • Virtual meetings
  • Video demonstrations
  • Webinars
  • Group messaging
  • Connect with up to 100 active users and 10000 view-only attendees
  • High video and audio quality
  • Easily invite people via phone number or email
  • Share your screen with other callers

Zoom brings together all of these features into an easy to use app that can be downloaded onto your phone or PC.

How to Download Zoom

You can download Zoom for free using the above button for Windows. Alternatively you can get the Zoom download from the Zoom Website directly.
There is also the Zoom app:

Zoom became popular during the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 as a way of friends, families and businesses communicating with each other virtually. Zoom is easy to use and people don’t need their own login to join Zoom meetings. The free 40 minute calls with up to 100 attendees have opened Zoom up to a large user base.

Is Zoom for Free?

Yes, Zoom is free if you are looking for a basic, free to use package. With this you can enjoy unlimited 1:1 meetings for free, and can have a free group Zoom meeting (although these are limited to 40 minutes, which you can then restart). If you want access to advanced features and unlimited call times then you will need to purchase a Zoom subscription.

How Much Does a Zoom Account Cost?

Zoom has several pricing options, depending on your requirements (if you are a large business, planning a webinar or just looking for a way of organising a group chat between colleagues). See this screenshot for the more complete pricing.

Do you Need to Download Zoom to Join a Meeting

No, if you want to simply participate in an already existing call then you do not need to create an account, or your own Zoom login to do so. This accessibility is one of the reasons why Zoom has become so popular.

Is Zoom Safe to Install?

Yes, there are no risks to your computer downloading Zoom from an official source. If you are reluctant to download Zoom and prefer not to have it installed on your computer then, as previously mentioned, you can access Zoom meetings without downloading it through your web browser.

Why is Zoom Getting Banned?

Zoom has been banned in some countries over concerns around safety and a number of vulnerabilities allowing hackers access to the video or microphone. Although Zoom itself is not inherently less secure than other video call software, such as Skype. Many other countries have not banned Zoom and have not been inundated with privacy issues.

We wrote an article on how to improve your Zoom security. This is actually quite easy to do with the incorporation of meeting passwords, waiting rooms and the ability to remove unwanted spectators.

Zoom Extension for Browsers

You can download a Zoom extension for Chrome or Firefox. This extension allows you to start or schedule your Zoom meetings with a single click from your browser or in the Google calendar.

For more information about Zoom, click here.

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Other Systems

Zoom is available on Android and iPhone.
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