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Teamfight Tactics: a LoL strategy game

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Teamfight Tactics: a LoL strategy game
Android - English

Fun and addictive, good adaptation of the PC version

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Wednesday October 14, 2020
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April 16, 2021

Teamfight Tactics: a LoL strategy game is a turn-based PvP battle game, integrating the League of Legends champions. It is a multi-platform game for Android and other platforms. Assume your avatar that can dance, use emoticons and animations. The objective of the game is to place the gamer against seven opponents in a battle of all against all, with a first mission - to form a team of champions that will fight on your behalf, in automatic confrontations. The final goal is to survive and be the last avatar in standing.

Key Features

The operation of the game: follow a very objective scheme - choose, position, strengthen. It takes a lot of vision to choose the members of the armies, according to the possibilities of each one and the strategies for the combat turns.

Strategy: knowing how to position the champions in action is also an important requirement to lead the army to victory. Fighting alongside the Divine or conspiring with the Cultists - don't be disconnected, the champions will move, attack and conjure skills based on how you positioned them. Just like in the League, the army assembly and strategic positioning are the differential between exciting victory and frustrating defeat. Random options and unusual events offer very original matches.
After several rounds, all champions are transported to the so-called Convergence Center.

Choose your Champion: it is possible to select and choose champions - the player in last place will choose first and the player in first place will choose last. The strategy of the choice will be decisive to win the big battle. Teamfight Tactics has a good manager to evolve and rise in competitive mode, based on the final position of the player in each match.

Scenarios: built with interesting graphics having as stage interactive arenas, Booms, small legends of dragons and new kingdoms for each fight.

Reward system: counted at the end of each round, with gold gathered according to victories, combos and gold already stored in the bank you can win and unlock facilities to play with the Pass Destinations feature or by perfecting the Little Legends with the Stellar Fragments.

Is It Safe?

Riot Games Inc is in charge of this productions and guarantees a safe download

Is It Free?

Download is free and the app offers in app purchases

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