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It is important to diagnose your computer even if it seems to work normally. Instead of using a specialist, Everest Home Edition is a practical, free, and easy-to-use application to quickly diagnose your PC.

Once installed on your computer system, Everest Home Edition quickly evaluates your PC's hardware, namely the processor, motherboard, BIOS, graphics card, hard drives, network cards, and much more. It will then provide you all the necessary information about your system. Everest Home Edition is also able to identify drivers that are not yet installed. It can also provide the website address providing access to these drivers. The software is regularly update. Thus, Everest Home Edition can diagnose the most powerful processors (such as COREI3, Corei5, and Corei7) and the latest graphics cards (such as BIOS). Everest is not limited to hardware diagnosis, it also takes into account the status of all programs installed on your system, including ODBC, DirectX, and network drivers.

N.B. This product has been discontinued by Lavalys since 2005. For new PCs, you can use Version 5.30.


Alternative spelling: everesthome220.exe

Latest update on August 20, 2018 at 02:42 PM.

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how to dowload everest??? i cant download it
is it working with win7
I cant download it
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