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  • Developer Big Blue Bubble
  • Version 3.7.2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

My Singing Monsters is a management video game developed by Big Blue Bubble where you can build islands and structures, collect goods, and populate places with many singing Monsters to create beautiful songs and melodies.


The game's main principle is to create different structures on your islands and generate and collect additional resources to compose magnificent songs using monsters. As your resource stock grows, you will be able to get new monsters, which will also create resources and help you make your world grow and add diversity to your pieces of music.

  • Islands: You have access to 28 islands to visit and have monsters on, each with a specific set of native monsters. Some islands are called Natural Islands because they are either Plant, Cold, Air, Water, or Earth, and you only need to purchase single-element Monsters and breeding to populate the place. Mirrors islands are like Natural ones but are slightly different in appearance. Gold Islands are where monsters are placed once they have leveled to fifteen. Many other types of islands are available and await you to discover them.
  • Monsters: Over 300 different creatures are available to buy or breed, and every one has distinctive voices or sounds you can use for the various songs in the game. Monsters are divided into classes depending on their qualities and characteristics; some of them are Single Element, and Double Elements, while others are combinations of two, three, four, or five elements. You will also encounter Monsters whose characteristics are more exotic, like Ethereal Monsters (based on Plasma, Shadow, Mech, Crystal, or Poison) or Seasonal Monsters (Halloween, Christman, Valentin's Day, Easter, Summer, etc.).
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  • Produce Currency: All the monsters can produce Currency, and most produce it in the form of Coins(which you can use to unlock new islands, buy structures, etc.), but some of them can make it in the form of Diamonds, Treats, or Relics.
  • Breed: You can breed many different monsters to create new species that will combine the characteristics of the two parent species. Also, the resulting species depends on what levels the breeding monsters are.
  • Compose music: As each monster has a specific voice or sound, you can freely combine them, mute or unmute them, use a Time Machine to speed up or slow down the tempo, and even change the voices of most types of Monsters thanks to the Recording Studio.
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  • Structures: Structures are buildings or other kinds of objects that have their own function, like a Castle that provide beds for monsters (hence, a Castle allows you to place Monsters on an island), a Bakery to produce treats (essential to feed Monsters), and lots more.
  • Decorations: You can buy and place many different decorations that will affect the Monsters' happiness meters and make them generate more coins.
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Graphics and sound

My Singing Monsters offers simple but nice-looking old-school graphics with different environments. Of course, it features a stunning soundtrack, and all the different monster combinations let you create an impressive amount of fine-tuned songs.

Game modes and duration

The game offers a single-player experience. The only limit to this game is your imagination and how hard you want to breed and level up all your monsters so you can play it for dozens or hundreds of hours.

What do the reviews say?

My Singing Monsters has been rated Very Positive by over 22.000 players on Steam.

"Sometimes a three-minute pop tune can dethrone a ten-minute power ballad. My Singing Monsters' toe-tapping charm and gravelly songs are worthy of endless encores." (Gamezebo)

Age rating


My Singing Monsters has been rated PEGI 3.

How to install My Singing Monsters on your Android?

XAPK files are generally pretty heavy, so downloading the file may take some time.

  • If you have a version lower than Android 8, you may need to authorize the installation from unknown sources (only if you never did it before). You usually find this option in Settings > Security.
  • Disable the Play Protect function through the Play Store options.
  • Download My Singing Monsters on your mobile by clicking on the button at the top of this page.
  • Download and install the XAPK Installer.
  • Open the XAPK installer and grant all the necessary access permissions, then it will scan your device, and it should display a list containing all the XAPK files on your device. If the My Singing Monsters file does not appear, then locate the file in your "Downloads" folder and rename it by replacing the ".zip" file extension with the ".xapk" file extension. Finally, select the My Singing Monsters application and follow the installation instructions.
  • Once installed, launch the game and enjoy!
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