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  • Developer Invincibles Studio Ltd
  • Version 1.0.1
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Dive into Soccer Manager 2024 and master the football world! Command a club from over 900 choices in 54 leagues, shape your dream team, and rise to global fame. Experience stunning match visuals, manage international teams, and even create your own club. Your managerial journey awaits!

What is Soccer Manager 2024?

Soccer Manager 2024 is a football management simulation game that lets you command one of over 900 clubs across 54 leagues in 36 countries, shaping your dream team from real players. Your decisions are powered by the game's unique Soccer Wiki database, backed by a passionate football fan community.

Dive into the international scene, leading teams in major tournaments worldwide. Revel in the stunning visuals of matches and environments, where player likenesses and animations bring the game to life. Master transfers, training, tactics, and club development to climb the ranks and become a champion.

Embrace the challenge of domestic and continental cups, where success could lead to managing an international team in prestigious global competitions. Or, carve your own path by creating and nurturing your own football club from the ground up, transforming wonderkids into world-class professionals.


  • Discover a world of choices: Immerse yourself in a vast universe of over 25,000 real players and more than 900 clubs from the top 54 leagues around the globe. Your strategic options are limitless with such an extensive database at your fingertips.
  • Graphics serve the gameplay: Thanks to its upgraded 3D match engine, Soccer Manager 2024 is setting a new standard in mobile football management games. Every pass, touch, and shot is meticulously simulated, bringing your tactical decisions to life like never before. Watch as your team executes your strategies and opponents adapt in real-time, offering a truly dynamic and realistic tactical battle.
  • Showcase your global strategy: Here's your chance to dominate continental football club competitions, where every decision reflects your managerial acumen. Feel the pride as you guide an international team to glory, choosing from nearly 100 countries.
  • Craft your managerial identity: In this world, you're not just managing a team; you're shaping your own football-managing legacy. Customize your avatar to mirror your unique style, complete with a diverse wardrobe. Whether you're emulating a football legend or carving your own path, the choice is yours.
© Soccer Manager 2024
  • Build your dream team: This is where your vision for the perfect football club comes to life. Start from the ground up, handpicking players to create a team that embodies your strategic ethos and passion for the game.
  • Master the art of the deal: Engage in an ever-evolving transfer market, making savvy decisions to bolster your squad. Experience the thrill of fast-paced contract negotiations, adding a dynamic layer of realism to your managerial journey.
  • Balance stars and prospects: Strike the perfect balance between signing experienced superstars for an immediate impact and nurturing the next generation of soccer prodigies. Your vision for the team's future is paramount.
© Soccer Manager 2024
  • Visualize your success: See your strategies come to life with stunningly realistic characters, animations, and environments. Watch as real players and stadiums are rendered in exquisite detail, enhancing your immersion in each match.
  • Refine your tactics with data: Dive deep into comprehensive statistical reports. This is your opportunity to analyze, adapt, and enhance your team's performance based on detailed data insights.
  • Elevate your club's stature: Make strategic decisions in upgrading your club's stadium and facilities. Transform your base into a world-class football haven that reflects your success and ambition.
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The 3D match engine in Soccer Manager 2024 has undergone a significant upgrade. From the player models and kits to the lighting and the vibrant crowd, every aspect has been enhanced to deliver matches in stunning detail.

What do the reviews say?

Even though the game has no official reviews, it's quite popular and has been downloaded millions of times.

Age rating

Soccer Manager 2024 is considered suitable for everyone.

How to install Soccer Manager 2024 on PC?

We provide you with both the Soccer Manager 2024 APK file and the BlueStacks emulator that will allow you to run the application on your PC:

  1. Download and unzip the file containing both the Soccer Manager 2024 APK and the BlueStacks emulator files.
  2. Follow the installation instructions you will find in the application file.
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