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  • Developer Monomi Park
  • Version 0.3.0
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

Slime Rancher 2 is an open-world first-person life simulation video game developed and published by the indie Monomi Park studio. The sequel to the famous first Slime Rancher title brings you to the new Rainbow Island, where many new creatures, discoveries, and content await you.


As a sequel to Slime Rancher, you left the Far Far Range behind you and kept exploring new territories. This time, you decided to settle on Rainbow Island to explore a brand new slimy ecosystem. As you arrive on this island, you discover a mysterious Conservatory and decide to use it as your new home; then, you will start exploring the different areas, discover new Slimes and strange drones, and who knows what else. But soon, your friend Viktor Humphries calls you and says he has received a coded message left by an A.I. so advanced that it appears alien.


  • Discover the lore: As you explore the world, you will find Research Drones containing encrypted information written by a mysterious person. But to get access to them and reveal the mysteries of this new world, you will have to craft Drone Archives Keys.
  • The Conservatory: This is a new central structure you will use to raise Slimes, travel to other spots, and more. The conservatory is a vast and fantastic place with sparkling glass walls and great views.
  • New Slimes: This time again, you will raise all kinds of Slimes and feed them according to their diet. New Slimes have been introduced, including Cotton Slime, Flutter Slime, Angler Slime, Batty Slime, and Ringtail Slime. As you feed Slimes, they will produce plort you can use later on. Over 150 hybrid species can be created.
  • New areas: Of course, new sites have been added besides the conservatory, including The Den (a large cave full of mushrooms), The Archway (an old and mysterious ruin), The Gully (a site nested between ancient and colossal rock formations but with fields full of grass), The Tidepools (a sandy gateway), and more to come. Note that you will encounter different species and goods depending on the area you visit, and some of them have dedicated functions, like building gadgets for The Tidepools.
© Slime Rancher 2
  • New upgrades: You will find the fabricator under The Conservatory, where you can craft all the enhancements of the first title and many new ones. You can now craft a Resource Harvester (to harvest essential minerals that are useful for all kinds of things), an Extra Tank (to add slots to your trustworthy Vac-Pack), a Tank Guard (used to salvage a part of your vac tank's content in case of accidental health loss, encounters with the slime sea, etc.), or a Drone Archive Key (to unlock access to archived logs on Research Drones), among many other things.
  • Master your Vacpack: The Vacpack is the upgradable tool you will use throughout your journey to suck up various items, food, Slimes, and more (in a nutshell, it's an extension of your hands) and store them in a limited number of slots. Besides, it provides energy, a flashlight, and radar, among other things.
  • More content: Slime Rancher 2 stands as an expansion of the first title and brings more features and content in a refreshing new universe. Hence, you will find almost everything you loved from the first game, including Slimes, foods, creatures, sciences, technologies, and more.
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Graphics and sound

The game is developed using the Unity game engine to take advantage of the new High Definition Render Pipeline. As a result, it features enhanced colorful and cartoonish graphics compared to the first title. It is a pleasure to discover all the visual improvements they made, and the OST and audio feedback make the whole experience peaceful, relaxing, and stimulating.

Game modes

Currently, there is only a solo game mode.

What do the reviews say?

It doesn't yet have an official Metacritic score, but it has been rated as overwhelmingly positive by over 10.000 players on Steam.

Age rating


Even though the game has no PEGI label yet, we can assume it will be rated PEGI 3, the same as the first title.

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