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  • Developer Sports Interactive
  • Version 23.2
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

Football Manager 2023 hardly requires an introduction. If you have come this far, you probably know this is one of the best sports simulation games, wherein you'll get to know what it's like to manage a complete soccer team.


  • Be the best manager: Your job will be to be the best manager of all time. You will have to achieve a series of objectives with your team, face your opponents, earn the respect of the fans and define your style.
  • Celebrate: You can relive the achievements of every career with the Dynamic Manager Timeline. That's pretty thrilling to share and savor your Football Manager story.
  • AI players: The whole AI manager system has been refined and equipped with more knowledge to evaluate a match's parameters. Hence, you will get more nuanced tactical battles against AI-controlled opponents, reacting more quickly and subtly.
  • Build better squads: You have access to way more complete reports for each player and a closer relationship with agents to decide the best choice to compose your squads and meet club ambitions.
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  • Agreements: Things are getting interesting, as in Football Manager 2023, you will be able to match or beat offers. If a team tries to sign a player you want, you will be offered the option of reaching an agreement.
  • Official licenses: Football Manager 2023 has the official licenses of the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Europa Conference League, and the UEFA Super Cup.
  • Supporters: With the new Supporter Confidence system, you can become closer to the fans and get to grip their expectations on and off the pitch. Thrilling moments incoming.
  • Women's inclusion: Even though the option to manage a women's team is not included in the base game, it can be optionally downloaded.


The overall graphics have been slightly improved, and texture quality has been increased and refined. Also, you will surely note that new 3D animations have been added to bring more immersiveness to the title.

Duration and game modes

Football Manager 2023 single-player modes are going to last about 40 hours, while multiplayer modes offer limitless experiences. Two single-player and three multiplayer game modes are available:

  • Career: Local single-player. You get the whole featured simulation experience and manage your team your way.
  • Create-A-Club: Local single-player. You can create your own club and lead it to glory.
  • Online Career: Online multiplayer. You can host an online game and play with friends and Football Manager players worldwide.
  • Fantasy Draft: Online & local multiplayer. Build the team of your dreams and go head-to-head against your friends for ultimate supremacy.
  • Versus: Online & local multiplayer. Challenge your friends in the new Versus mode.

What do the reviews say?

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Football Manager 2023 has a Metacritic score of 83/100.

"Football Manager 2023 is a step in the right direction. It adds eye-catching new features such as UEFA licenses, as well as gameplay and match engine tweaks. You can still ask for a little more to a game that is already excellent, such as improvements to press conferences, or even women's football, but it is undoubtedly worth playing if you are a fan of the saga." (MGG)

Age rating


Football Manager 2023 is rated PEGI 3 so it is suitable for all audiences.

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