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Content creators have gained a lot of popularity, and many young people aspire to be like their idols. In Youtubers Life 2, you'll be able to put yourself in YouTubers' shoes, create and grow your community, discover what this particular career demands, and fight to reach fame.


  • Manage your life: Take care of your professional career and make your business runs smoothly so you can make a living. But don't neglect your personal life, which is also essential to stay healthy and developing social skills that can positively impact your job.
  • NewTube City: NewTube City and its neighborhoods await you! This city is full of opportunities, so discover all its stores, cinemas, gyms, secrets, challenges, events, characters, and many more.
  • Connection: You will discover over 30 characters to connect and build relationships with. Your contacts are essential to advance your career, sharing ideas, and keeping your rivals at bay.
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  • Follow trends: Make sure to post stunning content based on trends like Gameplays, First Impressions, Streamings, Unboxings, and many more. Everything you live can be used to make you earn tons of cash and grow your expertise.
  • Create videos: As you create your first videos from your parent's house, you will start to get more and more views, your first likes, and attract followers. You can do anything you want like a Gaming channel (record reviews, walkthroughs, gameplay, etc.), a Music channel (play 30 different instruments and more than 10 music genres), a Fashion channel (design your clothes and attend fashion events), or even a Cooking channel (create new and exotic dishes from different cultures, upload tutorials and become an expert chef).
  • Win prizes: As you make progress and progressively rise as a star, you can grab exclusive rewards and prizes. As you expand your creativity by grabbing customization items and unlocking new strengths, you will gradually enhance your personality and always get closer to fame.
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Graphics and sound

Youtubers Life 2 offers nice-looking cartoonish graphics with many different environments and atmospheres. Besides, you will love the OST that gives the whole game a peaceful and exciting taste.

Duration and game modes

It is a solo adventure that lasts approximately 31 hours, taking into account all the extras.

What do the reviews say?

Youtubers Life 2 has been rated Mostly Positive by over 1300 players on Steam.

Age rating


Youtubers Life 2 has been rated PEGI 12. Occasionally, scenes of mild violence can be observed on TV.

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