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How To Use Apple's Game Center

Game Center is Apple's online gaming social network that enables you to compete against other users in multiplayer games. You can challenge friends to play games with you or even compete with randomly-selected users. Leaderboards enable you to track your high scores and compare your results with other players on the network. Ready to get started? This article will walk you through some of the features that Game Center has to offer.

How To Use Game Center

Please note that, as of June 2016, Apple's Game Center is no longer available as a standalone application. The service is still available through individual games.

How To Add Friends

Launch the Game Center app, and tap the Friends bubble.

Next, tap the + in the top-right corner of your screen. You can find your friends by either entering their email address or by their Game Center usernames. Customize your message, and then tap Send.

The recipient will then receive a notification that you've requested to add them. If you've attempted to add someone who does not yet have Game Center, they'll also be prompted to create a login.

How To Accept Friend Requests

Launch the Game Center app, and tap the Requests bubble. All of your current friend requests will be listed here.

Select the request, and then tap Accept. Alternatively, if you would prefer to deny the request, simply tap Ignore.

How To Multiplayer Games

Launch Game Center, and then tap the Friends bubble. Select the friend with whom you'd like to play, and then select Games.

Head to the Games in Common section, and select the game that you'd like to play. Select your friend again, and then tap Play a Game > Play Now.

Note that you can also challenge a friend to play a game that he or she has not yet downloaded. In this case, they will be prompted to install the game before they can begin gameplay.

How To View Leaderboards

Launch the Game Center app, and select the Games bubble.

Select the game of interest to view more information. The dashboard will allow you to toggle between game leaderboards, individual achievements, as well as give you a breakdown of current players. You can tap into any of the categories to see how you rank against other players.

Install Game Center with Cydia

If your phone is jailbroken, you can also use Cydia to install the Game Center. To do this, start Cydia, and then tap Manage > Source > Edit.

Select Source, and then click Edit > Add.

Enter http://repo.woowiz.net/, and then click Add Source > Done.

Next, click Search > Game Center. Finally, click Install and then Confirm to begin installation.
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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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