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Hotmail - translate a mail

Unlike Gmail, Hotmail does not have the option to translate a mail written in a foreign language into English. In order to facilitate a translation, it is required to use Google Translator. The user will need to open the mail to be translated and select the whole body. After selecting the mail, the user needs to copy the content into Google Translator by clicking copy and then paste in the field of translation. After pasting the text, it is required to select the language in which the text is to be translated. A new text will appear on the right hand side of the screen - this is the translated version of your mail.


I've received an email in Spanish in my Hotmail inbox. How I can translate it to English?


  • Unfortunately, unlike Gmail, Hotmail offers no option to translate the content of a mail directly from the inbox. However, what you can do is to make use of Google translator. Follow these steps:
  • Open the mail you want to translate, select the contents with the mouse. Then, right click and select Copy
  • Click HERE to access the Google translator
  • Paste the text in the translation field (right click> Paste)
  • Choose the language and click on "Translate." To the right, the translated text will appear!

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