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How to resize an image

Images from digital cameras can be saved in various formats that may eat up a lot of space on the hard disk of the system due to their sheer size. These files are very inconvenient for transferring via e-mail or for uploading to a website. Thus, it is advisable to re-size the image in order to avoid these problems. Saving the pictures in the low size JPEG format helps, but the picture quality and the resolution may be reduced. Specific professional software dedicated to image re-sizing is available online, which can help maintain image quality too.

There are several reasons for resizing images. Digital cameras save photos in different image formats which may take a lot of space in terms of size on your hard disk. This can be particularly problematic when sending files via email or uploading them to websites. By resizing your image, you will benefit by saving disk space and reducing image upload times.

JPEG is a low size image format, which allows for image resizing. However the main disadvantage of this tool is that when saving an image under this format, it can lose its resolution and image quality can be reduced.

Nowadays there exist tools that facilitate professional image resizing without affecting image quality.


Photosize.com is a web based program allowing you to resize your photo online. This application enables you to resize your photo by browsing it on your computer and adjusting the dimensions according to your specifications.

To use this function, visit this web link:


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