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MP3Gain - Normalize audio tracks without clipping

MP3Gain - Normalize audio tracks without clipping

How to fix inconsistent volume levels between music tracks or fix distorted audio.
Download and install: MP3Gain
  • Load your music files.
  • Set the Target "Normal" volume to 94dB.
  • Click on Track Analysis.

Remove distortion from your audio tracks

Clipping may sometimes result in a lower quality music (often unpleasant to listen). How to avoid it.
  • Applying gains without clipping: Try to reduce the gain applied to audio tracks containing distortions by 1-4 levels.

(93,7dB) Stable Gain (99,7dB) Distortion, Clipping required
  • If the volume of a music track is too low, try to raise it to the "Normal" volume (Volume +/- 94dB).
  • In some situations, lowering the volume level of a music track will remove distortions from the latter (no clipping).

Sort tracks by highest volume

  • Once the scan is complete, click the Volume tab.
  • The track with the highest volume will be listed at the top. It is easier to proceed this way.

Tracks requiring clipping will have a red Y displayed in the Clipping column.
Start by removing tracks that don't require clipping and having a track gain of 0.0

Select the music tracks you want to normalize

PS: Do not select the tracks that require clipping. We'll deal with them later!
  • While holding the CTRL key down, select the music tracks.
  • Right click> Apply track gain

  • Once you have applied the gain you can remove these files from the list.
  • Now we need to work on the files requiring clipping.
  • We will first reduce the Target "Normal" volume to 93dB.
  • Remove tracks already at 93db and requiring no clipping.
  • Select the rest of the tracks and click on Track Gain.

Note that:
  • You can try lower the volume level if required (-3.0 from the target normal volume)
  • Tracks with a volume lower than 90dB (requiring clipping) are normally of bad quality.

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