Password Protect Your OpenOffice Documents

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Online word processing software OpenOffice offers a neat tool that allows users to protect sensitive documents via password. This setting will restrict access to anyone that does not have this "magic word," adding an extra layer of protection to your files.

How To Lock a Document on OpenOffice

Launch Open Office and open the document you'd like to protect by going to File > Open. Once the document opens, head to File > Save As.

Enter in a document name. Below the Name and Document Type fields, you will see a few additional save options. Click on the option that reads Save with password. Note that this option will not be shown if you attempt to save your document in a format other than an file. Now click on OK.

A dialog box will appear, prompting you to enter a password. It is extremely important that you make note of your password, as Open Office does not offer any password recovery options. Verify your password and then click on OK to set and save your settings.

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