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How To Clear the iPhone Cache

The iPhone retains and stores a wealth of data about your daily use in the form of cookies, caches, and internet history. Over time, this accumulation of data ends up occupying a substantial amount space in the memory of an iPhone. In some cases, it can also generate bugs in some applications.In order to keep your phone running smoothly, it is important that you clear your iPhone cache on a regular basis. Unfortunately, caches on the iPhone are not centrally located, but each cache can be accessed in each individual application.

Clear App Cache and App Data on iPhone

In terms of applications, it is unfortunately not possible to empty a global cache. Users must go directly into each application to clear its cache. Note that some applications do not offer this option. In this case, you may clear your caches by uninstalling and then reinstalling an application. This will reset the application, as well as the data recorded during previous use.

The Safari browser cache can be accessed by going to Settings > Safari. If your phone is running iOS 6 or earlier, tap the Clear Cache option to delete your history and information; for all newer iOS users, select the Clear History and Website Data option:

Clear The Cache For Each App

  • For all third party apps such as Facebook, Instagram etc, go to Settings > General > iPhone storage.:

  • Click on any of the apps to see how much space its 'Documents & Data' is using up.

  • If your device is getting full or running out of memory space, it will offer you recommendations on how to fix this problem. Simply select Enable All.
  • If you'd prefer to clean out space and files manually, then go into the specific app and start to clear out old conversations, playlists and files you no longer use or need to keep.

Use an App to Clean Your Phone

There are some applications available on the App Store that do this cleaning automatically, but iOS restricts access to these options unless a phone is jailbroken. These apps can clear caches by accessing the data directly (without the need to uninstall any applications); however, jailbroken phones may not always have access to the applications needed to erase your iPhone caches.


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