How to unlock a hidden trackpad on your iPhone/iPad?

How to unlock a hidden trackpad on your iPhone/iPad?

Every iOS update brings new features to facilitate your life a little bit. However, sometimes we don't even know all of them, and some can actually be very helpful. For example, did you know that iPhones and iPads have a secret trackpad that you can activate to move the cursor and easily make edits when writing or typing something? Well, there is a quick and useful way. Read on to discover it.

How to unleash hidden trackpad on iPhone or iPad?

  • Anywhere you write a text (Notes, Messages, etc.), open your keyboard and press and hold your finger down on the Space key. The keyboard then will go blank, and the cursor will enlarge a little bit. Now the hidden trackpad is activated and you can use it.
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  • Press down your finger and move it around the entire keyboard. It would resemble a little bit the Mac's trackpad if you are used to it.
  • To place the cursor, lift your finger off the screen and edit your text if you wish to.
  • To move the cursor once again, simply press your finger down on the Space key. 

Easy, right? The same feature works on older software versions, like iOS 15.

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